10 months, 20,000+ pics, 2 cameras later { Part 3 }

I credit this shoot and these pictures for getting me to where I am today with this photography stuff.  This was the first time I had the opportunity to do a shoot with someone other than toddlers and the first time working with a group.  And it was FUN!!

This shoot gave me the confidence to take on some senior sessions.  This shoot also led me to wedding photography!   I contacted Vienna Glenn Photography because I was interested in taking one of her photography courses and it turns out that she had seen these pictures and invited me to second shoot some weddings with her.

I was floored!  And nervous!  And excited!  And a little skeptical…  I had only had this camera in my hands for 2 months.  I was afraid I was jumping in too soon.

I didn’t want to be the girl that got a camera and called herself a photographer.  That is pretty much what happened (although I still can’t really call myself a photographer) but it didn’t just happen.  I put in a ton of time and effort to learn as much as I could possibly learn.  <——–  That’s me trying to justify and explain myself….lol

I think I had 3 weeks before the first wedding so that gave me some time to really practice and do some research about wedding photography.  I’ll pick up my story in the next blog post.

These girls were so fun to work with!  I couldn’t believe my luck to have such gorgeous models to practice my skills on 😉

 Photos all taken May 6, 2011.  I used my Nikon D90, 50 1.8 lens and edited them all in PSE8 with this action.  (I still use this action on pretty much all of my portraits.)

Thank you!!!  to all of my young prom friends for stopping by and letting me see what I was capable of.  🙂



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