10 Years

Today I celebrate 10 years of marriage to this guy.
(I like him.   a lot.)
10 years ago I married my best friend….lol…. sooo cheesy but so true.  😉
Our wedding was back in the film days!


We met downstate at my brothers house.  Our connection was instant.  I lived downstate and Matt lived up here so we got to know each other over e-mail for the next several months.  I still have every single e-mail we ever traded with each other back then.  I can go back and read our love story unfold 😉  (That would make for some interesting and funny blog posts…. 😉


We knew fairly quickly that we would be together for the long haul.   I still remember tentatively asking Matt if he thought we might get married.   This was only a couple of months in.   His answer was “of course”.   Phew!


Whenever I read about how marriage is so hard and it’s such a compromise and you really need to work at it, I don’t quite understand that.   I’ve never felt that marriage was work.   I thank God often for giving me someone who is so compatible with me.   So patient, so loving, such a gentleman and fun!!


He still makes me laugh every day.   Maybe even more so now than when we were first married.  We probably flirt more now too. 😉   Our kids can definitely see that we don’t just love each other, we actually really like each other too.  🙂


These 10 years have flown by!   And they have been amazing!


Our little 8 year old photographer took these photos of us so they are a bit blurry and all but these pretty much sum us up 🙂




12 Replies to “10 Years”

  1. Happy anniversary Matt and Emily! I feel blessed we're family 🙂 Those Dennis boys are truly something, and I think they embody those qualities that have become so rare.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am crying over these pictures, they are hilarious!
    Happy Anniversary Emily and Matt!

  3. haha love the pictures! Happy Anniversary, you two! I love talking about marriage with you guys, it gives me so much reassurance of how it should really be 🙂

  4. haha…these crack me up! Happy Anniversary you two!! It really does just keep getting better! 🙂

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