2 months and 5072 pictures

I couldn’t resist looking back at some of the pictures I have taken with this camera.  It’s only been less than two months but I’ve clicked the shutter over 5000 times.  Here are few that I like.

This little doll had the most amazing eyes!

So did her big sister!

This was a couple weeks after I got my camera and he would actually sit for a minute for me.

I plopped Kendall on a chair at my house when I was babysitting.  She didn’t know what to think so she just sat there patiently for me.

Did the same for this little dude.  I don’t think Amanda saw this one yet.  I just wish I had stepped back a bit because the crop is a little tight.  I have a bad habit of cropping in camera.

I took this the day after I got my camera.  I had no idea what I was doing but the light in this room is beautiful in the afternoon so I got lucky.  I’m pretty sure my shutter speed was way too low.

This little dolly was the first borrowed kid I found.  She was such a peach and let me have lots of fun testing out my new toy.

Her eyes were also amazing!  I’m always afraid eyes like this look overdone even though I really didn’t do anything to them.  They pop all on their own!

The last kid I borrowed.  Such beautiful big blue eyes! 

And an energetic and adorable 2 year old!  She was a good challenge for me and a test to see what I’m capable of capturing.

And one of my own!  Notice that most of these are not my own kids.  They are not fond of my camera anymore.

Kirsten took this picture of me and my buddy.  She couldn’t get a good focus but I love it just the same.  This little guy follows me around all day like a little puppy dog.

Another one from the day after I got my camera.  The focus fell to her hair a bit but I like it just the same.

I picked up Kendall one evening to try shooting in the setting sun.  I hope to do this again with her soon because she is so fun to take pictures of.

This one is from one of the only times I have taken her out for a shoot.  She wasn’t going to let me until I asked her Aunty Gretch instead and then suddenly she was all for going.

And just a morning in the kitchen eating breakfast.  Messy face and all. 

I’m learning something new everyday.  2 months ago I didn’t know understand things like aperture, shutter speed or what the heck metering was all about.  Now my camera mode is rarely off of manual and I’m starting to figure out how to handle different lighting situations.  I never paid attention to blown highlights before but now I know how to recover them by shooting RAW.  It sure has been fun to challenge myself to improve and to be learning something new.



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  1. Love them all! The one of you and your little man made me smile! very cute! 🙂

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