Monthly Archives: March 2011

Been lovin shooting into the sun lately.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Playing around with Gradient Maps in PSE to get cool color tones and a little added drama. Original:  navy/

When all else fails – it becomes a B&W.  I love his eyes in this picture but I was struggling with his

I have been itching to get out and snap some pictures so I finally did that yesterday. It was so relaxing to get out


Lucky Gretch showed up today just as I was looking for someone to take pictures of.  So I dragged her out in the

Waiting for warmer weather

so I have beautiful things to take pictures of.  Until then I have to make do with what is outside my door. 

and this is what she gave me the next time I tried:

My favorite picture so far…

This picture completely took me by surprise when I pulled it off my camera just now.  Something about it is

green olives

This kid loves the craziest things sometimes.  I signed up for this companies sample program hoping to

The best bars ever!

They have caramel and they have chocolate.  Does it get any better?! I made them yesterday and now they are

glowing shoes

He got new shoes that require sunglasses when looking at them. P.S.  I now take pictures of things like shoes

I’m beginning to see the importance of a calibrated monitor.  My monitor makes my pictures soft and