Monthly Archives: April 2011

Everyday Moments: Scrub-a-dub

I want to try to capture more of everyday life.  I love to capture little snippets of our regular routines.

The yellow park

Took the boys to the park yesterday since it was finally beautiful and sunny. Brady getting some air. My polka dot

A quick one from this morning

He is so stingy with his smiles for me.

Low light week

The weather has been so dreary lately.  I guess it’s been a good time to practice in super low light. 

Both lit with a lamp. Trying to figure out exposure for super low lit subjects.

Peace and Quiet

I always enjoy when these two play together nicely because it doesn’t happen that often. Yes, my floors


… from our 10 click photo shoot. Maybe short and sweet is the way to go with this girl because I actually love

She is so fun to take pictures of. I just wish she enjoyed it more. I’m looking forward to nicer weather to

More Cale Faces

This is what I am more likely to get from this kid.  (I didn’t know he could wink…) But with a little

More Cale

I have to bribe these kids to take their pictures. The deal here was as long as I pushed him around the yard in the


And because I can never just leave it alone, here are a few photoshopped versions. I think I like the bottom right


I’ve been anxious to try shooting in RAW ever since I got this camera.  Actually I’ve been wanting to

More easter morning

Another one of the sweet little dude on Easter morning. And then these. These made me laugh and laugh when I uploaded

Easter Morning

It is awfully hard for me to get a picture of these three together. Cale is usually trying to make faces or do

My editing dream machine

I can officially say I’m a mac girl now.  Matt surprised me with a 27″ dream machine today!  We