… from our 10 click photo shoot. Maybe short and sweet is the way to go with this girl because I actually love all 10 shots.

She is so fun to take pictures of. I just wish she enjoyed it more. I’m looking forward to nicer weather to take her out for some shoots. I’ll just have to think of some good rewards for her when we go.

More Cale Faces

This is what I am more likely to get from this kid.  (I didn’t know he could wink…)

But with a little bit lot of patience we can get some nice shots too.

I actually wasn’t overly concerned about getting great smiles here, I just needed someone to practice RAW on.  I was also working on good exposure without clipping.  I somehow still managed to get some clipping in some of these but that’s why I’m practicing 🙂  I’m also working on getting consistent RAW conversions.

More Cale

I have to bribe these kids to take their pictures. The deal here was as long as I pushed him around the yard in the stroller I could take his picture. Worked for me.

My little toothless boy. I’ve gotten used to his missing teeth. They were pulled last fall and I’m guessing the new ones could still be a year off.


And because I can never just leave it alone, here are a few photoshopped versions.

I think I like the bottom right the best.  🙂


I’ve been anxious to try shooting in RAW ever since I got this camera.  Actually I’ve been wanting to ever since I heard about it years ago.

I didn’t want to even try though until I had a computer that could handle it. RAW files are HUGE! I dragged Cale around the yard to test out RAW. I should probably read up on it before diving in but this is my stumbling along blindly attempt. I think I’ll like this RAW stuff! Now I need to find some info on how to process them properly.

And I just snagged her in the front porch.  She told me I can take 10 pictures only.  She counted my shutter clicks and jumped up after 10.

(I added a little bit of sun action to this one)

Yes indeed I do like RAW. I processed these 3 pictures in Adobe Bridge and ran Perfect Portrait on them and that was it. So much less fiddling.