Take my picture

I still can’t figure out why he opens his eyes huge when he wants me to take his picture.

I downloaded the free trial of Lightroom.  This picture is edited using one of their included presets.  I have a lot to learn.  A lot of tutorials to watch.  I think I can learn to like it.  But I’m not sure I could ever replace photoshop with it.

The Rest of B + K

Kendall must be getting used to the fact that I’m going to always try to take pictures of her because she actually willingly let me yesterday.  In fact she made it pretty clear to Brady that it was her turn and not his.

I’m really excited about this shoot because I tried something a little different with my settings and I’m really liking the results.  Post processing was very minimal on most of these.  I’ve been studying up on color and skin tones a lot lately hoping one of these days I will nail it.  I hope I’m getting closer…

All natural light in my boys bedroom.

I’m wishing I was able to get directly over them for this shot but next time I’ll work a little harder at it.  This is probably my 5th attempt at getting the color right.  It’s still looking too yellow or greenish or something….  Fixed it again…  I’m thinking the blanket is giving it a strange color cast or something.

I almost cloned out the red bookshelf but then decided I like the pop of color. 

I still didn’t get too many of this little guy.  Guess I’ll have to give him his own shoot soon.

I love getting shots of Momma’s with their babies.  We often forget to pass off the camera and end up not being in any of our pictures.

She actually looks like she’s starting to enjoy this!

And a wall shot for Amanda.  I much prefer to just follow and see what they will do but I also like to try to get one traditional looking wall shot for the Mom.  We were trying to get a good smile out of her and her daddy happened to call.  She heard his voice and lit right up and I was able to catch it.

B + K

I spent some time with these two little dolls this afternoon.  Always love to capture their big sparkly blue eyes.  I will have more to post hopefully tomorrow.

Real Life Around our house

While I love to try to always get a beautiful shot I’m trying to remember to get the snapshots too.  These are the pictures we will look back on years from now and love.  Little glimpses of our everyday lives.

Long after the tears stopped these two stayed on his cheeks.  Couldn’t resist snapping them especially because he had no idea they were there.

He decided he really wanted to help unload the dishwasher.  His enthusiasm for it lasted for two whole loads and then it became a chore.

Love catching him during his animated play times.  He always has some storyline going on and talks constantly while he plays.  I love to listen in.

Cale is still constantly building and playing legos.  He actually created his own lego game.  I think it was called Fire Ninja.  You pick a uno card and move your guy that many spaces.  The first one to the end wins.  He even pulled only the red uno cards because it was a fire game.  This entertained us for a couple of days.  Sometimes I’m still surprised by his creativity.

A little windy for some bubble shots.

Brady playing with his “buddies”.  I love when old random toys that have been around for awhile become new favorites.  Somehow or another these tiny little plastic cars became “buddies” and they don’t leave his site all day.  He has even started naming them names like Mimi, Chicken, Tutie, Kissee, Coca, Skicka, Cocoka, etc.  The names usually change every time you ask because he can’t remember what he named them.  Except Chicken and Mimi and Kissee.  Those have stayed constant.

A quiet moment in the playroom.  We have lots of quiet moments in the mornings when the other two are at school.

He was playing Polly’s for a while.  They were usually swimming or something exciting like that. 

Enjoying some beautiful weather and sunshine in the yard.

He’s been a baseball player for about a week straight.  He wears his helmet and jersey constantly.  I just love it!  We had to dig his dirty baseball pants out of the laundry today so he could wear them again.  Guess I’ll have to throw them through the wash some night after he goes to bed.

A rare moment when they are actually playing together and getting along.  Lately they don’t seem to be able to be in the same room without fighting or teasing or yelling at each other.  I’m hoping the fighting phase passes quickly and we get more working together moments like these.

The newborn and the 1 year old

I was so excited and a little nervous to do this newborn shoot. I was nervous because I had all these ideas in my head and I was afraid none of them would translate. This little guy was the perfect first newborn for me because he was very sleepy still at 11 days old and just a little peach. He would give a tiny little squawk when I would reposition him and then back to sleep he went.  He was also a good challenge because he was a bit jaundice so trying to get even skin tones during editing was tricky.  Overall I’m happy with them though and am looking forward to being able to do this again.

This is kind of a popular pose for newborns right now and I just wanted to see if I could get it.  Matt wasn’t crazy about it and I’m sure not everyone will love it but I think it’s cute. 😉

And now the big sister.  She is just the cutest little thing!  Her big blue eyes are amazing!  I love this shot below.  This was right at the beginning when she was trying to figure me out.

She found some books to keep her busy while I was snapping her baby.

I told her to jump on the bed hoping I could get some real smiles and she promptly fell off the bed.  Poor thing!  Good thing it was a toddler bed!

She was full of kisses for her new baby.  🙂

Loved capturing these two!  Thanks for coming down!

The 4 year old birthday girl

I found this cute little outfit for Rose E’s 4th birthday and wanted to take her out for a little photo shoot with it on.  We had a fun day exploring the woods behind a friends house and an old mine building.  The sun was a little intense even amongst the trees so I added a bright sunny action to a lot of these.  Rose has such pretty brown eyes and they were so fun to capture.