Monthly Archives: May 2011

Take my picture

I still can’t figure out why he opens his eyes huge when he wants me to take his picture. I downloaded the

The Rest of B + K

Kendall must be getting used to the fact that I’m going to always try to take pictures of her because she

B + K

I spent some time with these two little dolls this afternoon.  Always love to capture their big sparkly blue

Real Life Around our house

While I love to try to always get a beautiful shot I’m trying to remember to get the snapshots too.  These

The newborn and the 1 year old

I was so excited and a little nervous to do this newborn shoot. I was nervous because I had all these ideas in my head

The 4 year old birthday girl

I found this cute little outfit for Rose E’s 4th birthday and wanted to take her out for a little photo shoot

This is fun!

How cute is she!!?  Love capturing the eyes at this age.  They are so amazing!


…I admit it… Someday I want to do this photography thing for real.   I LOVE it!  I was able to

The many expressions of a 2 year old

I took this little lady home with me today because Brady wanted to play with her and I figured her mother could use a

I take my kids (and their friends) to the cemetery. Is that weird? I think they are so pretty and

Her baseball shiner

This picture is from about a week ago.  She got a nice shiner in baseball.  Thankfully she handled it well

More of the girls

I already put these on facebook but I wanted to add them here too. Here are a few more of the girls. There is still

My 3 all together

All I want is a picture of all three of them together and maybe smiling at the camera… Maybe I will get

Always ready for the camera Dan

I’m always looking for someone to snap pictures of so obviously I figured I’d get Dan while he was