This is fun!

How cute is she!!?  Love capturing the eyes at this age.  They are so amazing!


…I admit it… Someday I want to do this photography thing for real.   I LOVE it!  I was able to practice on a newborn today.  I’ve been itching for one to practice on for a while since I got my camera two months ago.   This little guy was the perfect baby to practice on because he slept the entire time and let me mold him up however I wanted to.  So, yep, I could get used to this!

He was a little jaundicy so his skin is a tad on the warm side.  🙂

The many expressions of a 2 year old

I took this little lady home with me today because Brady wanted to play with her and I figured her mother could use a little break since she is dealing with a fussy baby.  Oh and I was looking for someone to take some pictures of. 😉 She already doesn’t like me sticking my camera in her face so I kept this short and sweet in the alley behind my house.   I just love all the little expressions of a 2 year old.   And I’m really loving the light in my alley.


She was watching the boys run around. 

I take my kids (and their friends) to the cemetery. Is that weird? I think they are so pretty and peaceful.

Visiting Matt’s Uncles site. He died in his early 20s. He happens to be resting near my grandparents at the cemetery.

Her baseball shiner

This picture is from about a week ago.  She got a nice shiner in baseball.  Thankfully she handled it well and didn’t let it stop her from playing.  She got her first hits at last nights game.  She got it all three times up to bat.  Mom and Dad were pretty proud to see our little lady do that.  🙂

More of the girls

I already put these on facebook but I wanted to add them here too. Here are a few more of the girls. There is still another set with funny pictures that I will work on when I have time.