The before the before

This is the summer of house projects.  We have put some things off for years and are excited to finally get around to them this summer.  These are some before the befores of the kitchen.  Our old craftsman is almost 100 years old!  When we moved in 5 years ago we moderned it up a bit (Apparently I’m making up words).  We bought it from a family that had lived and raised their family in it for 50 years.  The house was in great shape but just a little dated. 

Thankfully the only room that had wallpaper was the kitchen.  That came down quickly and the cabinets were also painted white. 

We are having a new linoleum floor put in next week along with new carpeting throughout so I’ll share more before along with the afters as progress is made.

The before from 5 years ago:   (I’ll post the recent before when i post the after)

More Molly with a vintage vibe

I was playing around with some new presets I downloaded for Lightroom.  Gave these a bit of a vintage vibe.  I’m really loving this black and white conversion.   I’ll have Molly’s complete session in my usual editing style later this week.

Molly Senior Sneak Peak

I spent about 20 minutes with Molly this afternoon to try for some senior shots.  Here’s a sneak peak of one of them.

The 8 day old

I spent a couple of hours yesterday with this little sweetie.  She was content as could be as long as she had her pacifier.  But unfortunately the photographer didn’t want all pacifier shots.  lol.  So a non sleepy baby means a less posed photo shoot unlike the last newborn shoot I did.  But it worked out just fine because I like these natural positions too.  Plus I was able to catch those beautiful blue eyes with her being so alert for so much of the time.

These were such a breeze to edit because this little lady had beautiful skin!

I spent some time

with this little doll this afternoon.  I couldn’t resist posting this picture as the sneak peak.  It makes me laugh.  We put this bow on her and decided that it was indeed too big and apparently she agreed with us.