Gretch (my pretend senior)

It was such a beautiful sunny evening the other day that I couldn’t resist going out to get some shots.

I was originally planning to take Kirsten and get some new pictures of her but Gretchen called just as I was going out the door so she became my new subject.  I’ve been working with teenagers a lot lately and I’m always looking for ways to improve so I grabbed Gretchen while she was willing 😉

My 8 Year old

It’s been a while since I took this little lady out for a shoot.  Apparently she’s learned a few new tricks since the last time.  All I have to do is point the camera at her and she starts posing.  After every click she gives me a new pose.  I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about

Most of these are straight out of Lightroom.  I limit my photoshopping on these kind of shots mostly to save time.  The Black and White is a new favorite Lightroom preset.

My poor neglected blog

I have really been slacking on blogging this month.  It’s been a busy month and we were gone for a lot of it.  I’m looking forward to fall when I can get back into a routine which will hopefully include regular blogging.  And seeing as Fall is just around the corner, regular blogging should be soon!

I did this session earlier this week.  The images from this session are some of my new favorites!

I absolutely love doing senior shoots.  I still have room in September for any of you seniors who haven’t booked yet 😉

Isn’t she beautiful!  Thanks Autumn for choosing me to capture this time in your life!  🙂

I’m back!

We are back from our cross country vacation!  We traveled from Minneapolis to Seattle and back by train.  It was quite the adventure especially with three energetic kids but lots of fun.  We had tons of new experiences and made some great memories.  I’ll share pictures as I get a chance.

Senior Session Sneak Peek

I did a session with these two friends the other night.  They both made my job very easy and were naturals in front of my camera.

I was a little worried with how it would work out with two but I actually really liked it and would recommend doing a double session to anyone.  Having a friend helps put you at ease plus they usually will know you well enough to tell you when your hair is out of place or whatever.

We had lots of fun and found some really neat places with beautiful light.  Here are a few sneak peaks.  I put these on facebook already so if you aren’t on facebook yet… (Is there anyone still not on facebook??  lol)

That’s it for sneak peeks!  I’ll have a gallery ready within a couple of weeks.

Thanks girls!