Monthly Archives: August 2011

Gretch (my pretend senior)

It was such a beautiful sunny evening the other day that I couldn’t resist going out to get some shots. I was

My 8 Year old

It’s been a while since I took this little lady out for a shoot.  Apparently she’s learned a few new

My poor neglected blog

I have really been slacking on blogging this month.  It’s been a busy month and we were gone for a lot of

I’m back!

We are back from our cross country vacation!  We traveled from Minneapolis to Seattle and back by train.  It

Dusty + Sam {wedding as a second shooter}

This was the first outdoor wedding I had the privilege of shooting with Lea (Vienna Glenn Photography).  Amazing

Senior Session Sneak Peek

I did a session with these two friends the other night.  They both made my job very easy and were naturals in

It’s been a busy summer but we found time to relax last week.  🙂

Just some random

pictures of the boys.  For some reason they seem to think they need goggles.  They have gotten several pairs

Who the heck

is Kesha??  And why is my 8 year old copying her!!??


I bought a new lens.  Somehow the UPS guy keeps dropping stuff off here. I should have gotten this lens right

She turned 8!

And just like that I have an 8 year old!  Hard for me to believe and apparently others too…  I’ve

The Nerdy Library Shoot

I walked through this library for the first time a few weeks back and knew I wanted to do a shoot in it.  Kaitlin