Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Music Room

I thought he was a little big to be digging in my cupboards but apparently he didn’t think so.  This was his

Brady’s 5 minute photo shoot

I was really hoping to have a wedding ready to blog this morning but it’s just quite done enough to post. 

Friday Randomness

This might be kind of fun to do once a week.  Random around my house.  It’s the little things that tell

Give him paper, give him tape….

…and he is bound to create something cool.   The kids in this house use more paper and more tape than I

Autumn { Senior Session }

I haven’t posted many of my senior sessions because I’m actually not quite sure how my seniors feel about

Fresh Baked Bread

We are finally enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread in this house again.  I used to make everything from

Avery + Hannah {wedding as a second shooter}

This is the fourth wedding I shot with Lea (Vienna Glen Photography).  I have enjoyed working with her and figuring out

Moo and Business cards

I ordered my business cards a while ago and have been meaning to do a blog post about them.  I wanted something

Dan the Man

I figured I would make this guys day and put him on my blog.  I have lots of summer pictures I never posted. 

Why Photography, Why now?

Sometimes I think it’s crazy how quickly I became immersed into photography.  I picked it up 6 months ago to

What to blog about…

It’s been a busy week getting back into a routine (which I love by the way!) and blogging just hasn’t

The 6 month old

I’ll leave you with this little peach this monday morning. I have 2 weddings to blog about hopefully in the

Kaitlin (my other pretend senior) Part 1

I took Kaitlin out yesterday afternoon to take my new camera for a spin.  It was a bit windy and mid afternoon but