The Music Room

I thought he was a little big to be digging in my cupboards but apparently he didn’t think so.  This was his music room.  At least it kept him busy while I made us some cookies.  🙂

Brady’s 5 minute photo shoot

I was really hoping to have a wedding ready to blog this morning but it’s just quite done enough to post.  This will be a super busy week but I’m hoping to have one blogged sometime soon.  So, instead I will leave you with the little dude who spends most of his days with his mama.  I’ve really had the urge to photograph my kids lately.  And that’s a good thing 🙂

I may or may not have bribed him with netflix for this quick shoot….

Friday Randomness

This might be kind of fun to do once a week.  Random around my house.  It’s the little things that tell a lot about our life right now.

Give him paper, give him tape….

…and he is bound to create something cool.   The kids in this house use more paper and more tape than I care to admit.  Cale is constantly creating things out of paper.  Tape is his fix for everything.  They have never liked using glue (or maybe it was me who didn’t like them using glue) so they tape EVERYThING!!  And it’s not always things they should be taping.

I had to take pictures of these little sea creatures around Cale’s room today.

His squid:

More squids:

A stingray:

A fish:

And another squid:

He had them all lined up on his bed the other day trying to sell them.  He couldn’t figure out why he didn’t have any buyers. 

Autumn { Senior Session }

I haven’t posted many of my senior sessions because I’m actually not quite sure how my seniors feel about   Back when i was a senior 12 years ago (yikes!!!!) we didn’t have things like facebook and the internet.  Ok maybe we did have the internet.  But heck, photographers were still using film.  So we didn’t have the option of showing all our friends all of our pictures.  Usually the first time they saw them was when we handed them a wallet to keep.  So like I said, I wasn’t sure how seniors felt about me posting all of my favorites of them.  But so far they have all assured me that they like to share online.  It’s a new concept to me 😉

So onto the pics.  This is Autumn.  I loved this shoot and some of the pictures have become some new favorites of mine.  She was a natural for the camera and so gorgeous!  I met Autumn back when she was just a little middle schooler and now here she is graduating from high school.


Fresh Baked Bread

We are finally enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread in this house again.  I used to make everything from scratch.  We used to eat healthy.  I used to not buy boxed snacks.  But then I bought a camera.  I started buying junk food out of convenience.  I stopped baking bread.  I stopped using coupons and planning our meals.

But yesterday I made bread!  It’s a step back in the right direction 🙂 

Plus now my picky pants 8 year old might actually eat her sandwich at lunch.  She refuses to eat sandwiches unless they are made with homemade bread.