Just the boys

I’ve enjoyed the break from sessions but I’m starting to miss shooting.  These two rarely play out side and I really needed to shoot something so I bundled them up and brought them out. 

This is Cale’s disappointed look that I brought my camera with me.  He thought he was just playing.  He didn’t know I had other plans. 

Mike + Missy { Wedding as a second shooter }

I’m a little late in posting the last wedding of the season that I shot with Lea at Vienna Glenn Photography.
The last wedding was such a beautiful wedding!  I loved the ceremony, I loved the people and I loved the overall loving atmosphere of the day.  A great wedding to end the season on!
I joined Lea just as the ceremony started.
I’m excited for the 2012 wedding season!
I haven’t decided how busy I will allow myself to be yet but if you would like to request my pricing info or check if I am available for your date, send me a message through my contact page!

Santa came…

.. much to the surprise of the adults in this house.  I’m thinking maybe Santa is a softy and is quick to forget bad behavior 😉

We had a wonderful Christmas this year filled with family, food and fun!

Happy 16th to this kid!

I’m reposting my favorite pictures of my favorite kid because today is his sweet 16!

Everyone needs a Dan in their life! 

Happy Birthday Dan!  Hope your day is as spectacular as you expect it to be!

Coming Soon:: Sample Albums

My favorite part of the whole photography process is handing off the finished product. 

It is so rewarding to see prints in real life, to provide something that will go straight into someones home and hopefully bring smiles and happy memories every time it is looked at.

The final product is so important to me which is why I choose to have ordering go through me.  It is also why I love to encourage large prints and in the very near future, albums.  I’m doing some price restructuring right now and will be offering session packages that will include my favorite things such as a super huge print or an album.

So today I’m working on a senior sample album.  And this girl will be my lucky sample subject 😉

Can’t wait to show off the final product when it comes in!

The last session of the season

We squeezed this session in just in time.  The snow came the very next day. 

I’m thinking about doing mini sessions right here in my backyard.  I actually really love the alley behind my house.  I had kind of forgotten about this old trunk that were about to get rid of.  I think I’ll hold on to it now 😉

Love these two little faces!  🙂