Newborns { Meet Isaac }

I spent some time with this sweet little guy last week.  Every newborn shoot I do solidifies to me how much I love them!   🙂

This little guy was only days old but almost 10 pounds! 

How cute do these look on the wall!!??

The trick to a walking 1 year old

Trying to get a walking one year old to stay in one spot is almost impossible.  I photographed 2 one year olds in the last couple of weeks.  It is probably one of the most difficult ages to capture.  You need a sharp fast lens and a few tricks up your sleeve.

I actually got this little guy to stand and then sit in one spot for at least 5 minutes.  Mom left the room so he couldn’t see her.  One year old’s understand what you tell them, they just don’t usually want to listen to you.  The trick with this age is to confuse the heck out of them!  Change up your voice tone constantly.  Make happy sounds, then sad sounds and just keep doing it.  They become so confused that they kind of freeze up.

I got this trick from a photographer’s online course recently and it actually worked with this dude!

The most impossible photo shoot

I think any photographer will tell you that photographing your own kids is the most difficult subjects to deal with.  I do not enjoy it.  I don’t mind one at a time but even that is not easy. 

I really want to get some new artwork up on my walls and I have nothing of the three of them together and because it was such a beautiful sunny day I attempted the impossible.  I bribed them all to give me a few minutes and wear what I say.  I cranked some Kidz Bop and acted completely ridiculous for them.  It worked enough to actually get them to cooperate.  And my canvases are already ordered.. yay!

Before & Afters

Before and Afters are always fun to see and to do. 🙂   And since I’m well overdue to blog, here it is.

I do a lot of my cropping and angles in post processing.  Not sure why, I just do.

I got my professional camera the day before this shoot.  This was my first time out playing with it.  The original is terribly underexposed.  I would like my backlit shots to be somewhat underexposed so I don’t lose that detail in the bright hightlights but this one seems a bit much.  But Lightroom and Photoshop to the rescue!   It’s amazing what shooting RAW is capable of.

Just a simple brighten and color correct.  I added a little bit of cross processing to manipulate the tones.

Just a simple color correct and skin softening and a little dodging (lightening) and burning (darkening).

The nice thing about shooting your sisters is I get to post before and afters of them 😉