A whole new experience!

I wanted some pictures of myself for my blog and website seeing as the one my 4 year old took of me a couple years ago just wasn’t cuttin it anymore…   so I asked the only one I trusted…  Vienna Glenn Photography to do them for me.
I don’t believe I’ve actually had photos taken like this since my own senior shoot (umm……11 years ago).   I’m so glad I did because I have a whole new understanding of what my senior girls go through for their own shoots.
I am not comfortable in front of the camera but having a good friend who helped me relax was key!
Also, I realized it’s really hard to give a genuine smile after the first hour.  A 2 hour shoot is really the max most of us can handle.
And most importantly!!   
Make sure you have some new(er) outfits that you feel really good in!   
If you feel good about how you look, you will have more confidence for the camera.  😉
Me with all my hard earned smile lines 😉
(except I got to photoshop out the ones I wanted to 😉

 Don’t forget to laugh and have fun!
My super fierce serious face.   
I cannot do serious.  
Some people pull it off so well, me… not so much.

I am enjoying my last few months as a 30 year old so I consider this shoot a celebration of that 😉

Any other 30+ year olds out there who want to schedule their own “senior” shoot contact me to set one up!   It’s a lot of fun and I realize for myself, I’m not getting any younger!   Now is a good time to get some pictures done!   I plan to put together a little 5×7 album as a keepsakes for the family.  I can imagine my kids enjoying it 50 years from now 😉

(“Senior” as in high school senior, not old..ha.) 
Thanks Lea!!

All edits done by me 🙂

2013 Seniors!!

Blogger made me re-log in.  That must mean my blog needs to be dusted off.

I have good intentions to blog more but life gets in the way.  I’ve been busy planning out this coming season for my seniors though!

I’m so very excited to be working with the seniors in this area!   I am dedicating most of my summer to these shoots and I’m ready to start filling up my calendar with sessions.  Contact me for info and rates!


I was thrilled when Allison agreed to be my senior model this year.   Not only is she gorgeous, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.