Session tips from my 8 year old

I was going through some of the pictures I took recently of my 8 year old and
I realized she has some great session tips for my older clients.  😉


#1.   She is super relaxed with me. 
Now obviously, she would be because I’m her mother but my number one goal for my subjects is to relax them in front of my camera.  I’m able to accomplish that by being silly, chattering a lot, showing them exactly what I want from them and assuring them when they nail it!


Moral of the story:   When you trust your photographer and feel more relaxed, your images will show it.   🙂


#2.  She has confidence.
A lot of it…lol.   Maybe a little too much for an 8 year old. 😉  When we feel good about ourselves and are wearing something that looks good on us, our confidence soars.  In these recent pictures we just bought her the new dress and her first pair of heels.  I think those heels were giving her a little boost in confidence (like she needed



Moral of the story:  It is worth it to make sure you have a couple of new(er) outfits that you feel really good in!   🙂


#3.  She poses how I direct her.


Actually, she basically poses herself  (This pose is a little too old for her and not one I would ask her to do but the fact that she did it so naturally kind of cracked me up)   But she has watched and observed me enough times now that she knows what I am looking for.  Posing is something I have been working on over the past year so I try to give a lot of direction in my sessions.


Moral of the story:   I’ll direct you into some fun and flattering poses.  🙂 


#4.  She’s not afraid to be silly and have fun.  😉


Have fun!  And if you feel the urge to break out in song and dance, by all means, do it!

Moral of the story:  If you walk away from our session and had fun, I did my job 🙂

A quick shoot with Kir

I love when Kir lets me photograph her.  We went and bought her this dress last night with intentions of a beautiful golden sunset shoot but when we got home her friends were over so she ditched me for them.   So I caught her in the alley for a few minutes this afternoon.

It’s funny because she really pays attention when I’m shooting older girls.   She understands how I pose them and replicates a lot of it on her own.  Love when she is such a willing model!

 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAnd the pesky brother:


The little dude

I love that he is so easily entertained.  
He sure thinks he’s funny.

These are from a few months ago as I’m sure you can tell because he desperately
needs a haircut right now.

An active 4 year old and bright sunshine :)

If you want to practice focusing on moving subjects, just follow this active 4 year old around.  He makes it extra challenging because he purposely avoids looking at me.  He knows I want his eyes, so he doesn’t look at me.

Disclaimer:   He dressed himself 😉


…..Mario Kart faces.   
I was playing around with my flashes the other night so he became my subject.   
I don’t think he even realized I was photographing him despite the bright flashes.  
The funniest thing about these photos to me though is the fact that the 
kid does not have pants on.   He was hot so he took them off.  
To know Cale is to love Cale.   He is a bit on the crazy side.