Monthly Archives: May 2012

Session tips from my 8 year old

I was going through some of the pictures I took recently of my 8 year old and I realized she has some great session

A quick shoot with Kir

I love when Kir lets me photograph her.  We went and bought her this dress last night with intentions of a

The little dude

I love that he is so easily entertained.   He sure thinks he’s funny. These are from a few months ago

An active 4 year old and bright sunshine :)

If you want to practice focusing on moving subjects, just follow this active 4 year old around.  He makes it extra


…..Mario Kart faces.    I was playing around with my flashes the other night so he became my

Allison { 2013 Seniors }

I can’t resist posting more pictures of my lovely friend Allison.  These photos were so fun to go through. My

My mother’s day gift

I had to ask “what is it?”    and  “why do I want it?” I’m still not

Josh & LeAnn { engagement }

I had such a fun afternoon with this awesome couple! Josh and LeAnn met over a summer break in their hometowns and

I love to shoot

Am I allowed to say that?  I can’t help myself.    When I pick up my camera I am

2013 Seniors { Allison }

I want to share some more images of Allison on my blog.   I have more control over what they look like on here as