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Portraits of Wade in Hancock, MI

My brother Wade { Another just because photo shoot }

This is my younger brother Wade.  He’s 5 years younger than me and we haven’t lived near each other in over

Photo of Matt

Brother Matt { a just because shoot }

My brothers were up visiting for the weekend so we did a photo session!  (I’ll post Wade’s on the next blog

16 year old down syndrome portrait session

This is Dan and he has down syndrome :)

This is my brother Dan.  He is 16.  He’s pretty cool.  I asked him to tell me some interesting facts about

More of the 8 year old

Here are a few more photos from my most recent photo shoot with the 8 year old.  She is at such a fun age to photograph

2013 L'Anse senior portrait session

Allison { 2013 L’Anse Senior }

Allison has been on my blog quite a bit but there’s a reason for that… for one, she’s my senior rep

2013 senior portrait location, L'Anse, MI

location, location, location

This year I’m asking my seniors to put some thought into their session locations.  There are a couple of reasons

2013 L'Anse Senior Portraits

Don’t forget to have fun!

I went out with my 2013 senior rep Allison (and her sister) Wednesday evening to get a few more portraits to use on

2013 L'Anse senior portrait session


I’m enjoying my last few weeks of slow time before my busy shooting season starts.   I kick off the season with a

Kauaii Hawaiian Honeymoon

Another blast from the past – Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

You all get another blast from the past or a continuation of our 10 year anniversary 😉 We honeymooned in Kauai, Hawaii

Wedding Snapshots (A blast from the past)

In celebration of our recent 10 year anniversary I’m sharing some more of our wedding photos.  🙂  I hope you are

At the park

Give me your eyes

Closing his eyes, because he knows I’m taking his picture. He’s been doing this a lot lately. I guess

Marquette, MI wedding portraits

What I’ve learned about wedding photography from my own wedding

I was married 10 years ago.   Back in the film days. Digital was probably just beginning to emerge.  Wedding

2012 Houghton senior portraits

A post senior session :)

I did this session with Samm a couple of weeks ago just for fun.  She is a 2012 graduate so we are a little late to

A new look

I kind of decided suddenly to switch over to wordpress from blogger.  If you have used both of these blog hosts, you

10 Years

Today I celebrate 10 years of marriage to this guy. (I like him.   a lot.) 10 years ago I married my best