Meet Ginger { 2013 Baraga Senior }

I had such a fun session with Ginger this past Fall.   It was a more recent session and near the end of my season.   She showed up so prepared with outfits and accessories and looked gorgeous!   We found some neat places to shoot and tried to incorporate the fall colors in.

As the season went on and the sun set faster and faster I kept forgetting to compensate for it by starting earlier.   The sun was basically set by the end of Ginger’s session but I’m thankful for a good camera that performs really well in low light and allows me to get good images even after sunset.

Thanks Ginger!   It was fun to get to know you and your fam and friends 🙂

2013 Baraga Senior Portrait2013 Baraga Senior Portrait2013 Baraga, MI senior portraits2013 Baraga Senior Portrait2013 Baraga Senior Portrait2013 Baraga Senior Portrait2013 Baraga Senior Portrait

My 3 :)

I took these 3 out for a photo shoot a few weeks back.  It was as challenging as always.   Cale was done after the first 3 shots I took.  He was more interested in playing.

I love this picture of them.   My little animal lover Cale was chasing a cat and the other 2 just kind of fell in line behind him.