Not such a fan of winter…

… but maybe I should be!

I snapped these on a winter senior session last week.  It really can be pretty around here in the winter 😉


This is the part where I dropped my camera in the snow without the lens on.   So those streaks up in the corner are drops of water on my sensor I’m sure. 

My 3 lovies

I really should make blogging a New Year’s resolution 😉   I thought when these 3 kiddos went off to school leaving me all alone I would have so much time to do all the things I had planned.  So far my list of accomplishments since they went off to school almost 4 months ago is not very impressive…lol..   Makes me wonder how I managed anything with them home…

This is the last time I took these kiddos out for a photo shoot.   It was back in October.  I would gladly photograph anyone’s kids before my own.  It is not an easy task!   But we managed and I ended up with a few I could work with.   This first one will most likely end up as a big ole’ canvas or framed print.

awww..see… they do love each other!    Despite how much they love to tease and fight with each other….







We call this one Mr. Smiley.  🙂   He wears that big smile a lot 🙂  🙂   🙂



Silly kids….

These photos make me smile.   Love these kids 🙂

Meet Olivia { 2013 Baraga senior }

Olivia’s session was one of the last of the season.   It was a beautiful evening but COLD!   And I brought her by the water where it was even colder!…lol..   But she was a trooper and handled the cold!  You never know what October in the U.P. will bring.

I loved getting to know Olivia during her session and hearing about her college plans and travels.   🙂    Thanks Olivia!

Meet Jamie { 2013 Chassell Senior }

I feel like Jamie’s session was so long ago!  She was early on in the season in mid summer.   Jamie doubled up her session with a friend which makes for a fun time and a fast moving session.  We had a good time 🙂

I absolutely loved Jamie’s ambition as I got to know her and look forward to seeing the great things she will accomplish.  Thanks Jamie!   🙂