Monthly Archives: January 2013

the little things

Finally a day where all three kids are in school!  Woohoo!   Of course that could change any minute if they decide to

Meet Baby Reese

Something a little different on the blog… a newborn! I spent some time with this little peanut a few months

The 5 minute shoot with this girl

After such a whirlwind season I put my camera down for a while and enjoyed a refreshing break.  I’m not sure if

a little encouragment….

…. for all of you out there chasing your dreams…. My new business motto 😉 Actually follow through on some

Let it snow.. Let it snow…

Once the snow started, it just won’t stop!  No school yesterday and a late start today.   I would be okay with a

Monday, Monday

I have a goal to take more photos of the kids this year since I pretty much failed at that last year.  So the result of

A new obsession… otherwise known as my first quilt

I’ve heard someone describe themselves recently as having an addictive personality.  That fits me to a T. 

bobbi - 2013 Ontonogan senior

Meet Bobbi { 2013 Ontonagon Senior }

Bobbi’s session was one of the last ones of the season.   She came all the way up from Ontonagon for her

2013 L'Anse senior portraits

Meet Lexi { 2013 L’Anse senior }

Lexi has got to be one of the easiest girls to photograph.   I always enjoy a chance to work with her.  Her senior

A New Year …. otherwise known as a random blog post

Happy 2013 everyone! I’ve been enjoying a little break from the computer, blogging, photography..etc…