the little things

Finally a day where all three kids are in school!  Woohoo!   Of course that could change any minute if they decide to call to come home…. 😉  Between sick kid(s) and the snow day it’s been a while.

Just some random stuff today….

This little journal has been popping up on various blogs recently so I took advantage of my swagbucks and purchased it from Amazon.   I love the concept of quick daily entries to help jog the memory over the years.

still sewing…  basically just using up extra fabric on this quilt.   I’m hoping Brady likes it enough to want it 😉


Gearing up for this upcoming season!   Rethinking and working on my branding and the look of my business.   Working on more consistency in every part of the business.   Fun stuff!   I’ve already been getting inquiries about this summer so I hope to open up my calendar for bookings sooooon!!!


and coffee….  Never liked Starbucks until they came out with the Blonde roast.   Now I’m on that Starbucks band wagon 😉

Meet Baby Reese

Something a little different on the blog… a newborn!

I spent some time with this little peanut a few months back.   She came prepared with lots of adorable headbands and even a tutu outfit.   It took some time but once she was out she let us pose her up.  Loving all that hair!

The 5 minute shoot with this girl

After such a whirlwind season I put my camera down for a while and enjoyed a refreshing break.  I’m not sure if that’s normal or not… but it’s what I did.   But the urge to shoot has been creeping back up and I’ve been having fun shooting for fun lately.  Personal projects are so important to keep the creative juices flowing.

It’s been a while since this girl has been in front of the camera.  She was such a great sport and helped put together a wintery outfit to freeze it out for 5 minutes.

Blessed with her daddy’s eye lashes 🙂

a little encouragment….

…. for all of you out there chasing your dreams….

My new business motto 😉 Actually follow through on some of those ideas….

Let it snow.. Let it snow…

Once the snow started, it just won’t stop!  No school yesterday and a late start today.   I would be okay with a late start everyday.   I kind of like the late morning thing 😉

oh, well… makes for some good quilting weather 😉    If you’ve been following along, this is my current project.   Just waiting for the backing material to come in.  Cale has claimed this one as his despite the lack of star wars or penguins or super Mario brothers….   He likes the arrows 🙂

And I think I’ve figured out why sewing is sucking me in so bad.   It’s the fabric!   I could shop for pretty fabrics all day (and sometimes I do 😉  )


Another good snowy day activity…   sitting on the couch with my newly made quilt and surfing my new ipad mini 🙂    I was feeling bad for hogging Matt’s Ipad all the time so I finally got my own.  I went with a mini because I plan to use it for this little business of mine.   I love it but I did notice instantly that the display is not as nice as Matt’s.   Apparently that retina something or another actually makes a difference. 

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the snow!

Monday, Monday

I have a goal to take more photos of the kids this year since I pretty much failed at that last year.  So the result of that may be more photos of them on this here blog 😉

My youngest… in all his cuteness….   and silliness….  and sweetness….


I instagram more than I blog (@emily_dennis_) so I posted this photo already.    I ran out of fabric on my sewing rampage so I whipped up this astronaut pillow case for this little guy.   I was going to let them help me pick out fabrics for their quilts but realized quickly that our ideas didn’t match… so we compromised and will use the fabric for other things instead.   😉

His pillow case glows in the dark!   Who knew fabric could do that!? 
This is my current quilting project.  I ended up ordering a bunch of oranges to give it a little more contrast.  I’m at a standstill until I get them in.  I’m having sewing withdrawals!  lol 
Speaking of sewing…   coffee and fabric…. my two loves right now 😉

And since I ran out of fabric, I started cutting some squares for another quilt.   Might as well get two done at the same time.   Matt is beginning to wonder what we are going to do with all these new blankets around here.
Happy Monday!   Hope it’s a great one!