Tuesday Randomness

Because I’m a procrastinator (and strongly dislike exercise) I’ve started a somewhat intense
work out program to get ready for Dominican Republic.
It has went from finding a 10 week program to an 8 week program to now almost 6 weeks 😉   So, I’m doing an
8 week program but have only 7 or less weeks to get it done 😉    It is kicking my butt!
And leaving me extremely sore.. which I hope is a good thing 😉  I’m thinking I don’t want to be in shape badly enough….

I made an inspiration board for my office
and when I walked into the new furniture store in Houghton, the first
thing I saw was a grey couch!   Almost identical to the one on my board.   Meant.  to.  be.
Don’t mind my fuzzy iphone photo.

My little lady has a gymnastics meet coming up and this time I WILL REMEMBER MY CAMERA!
The sad thing is, the last time it didn’t even cross my mind to bring it
with me 🙁   Photographers definitely sacrifice photos of their
own families when they provide them for others.

My kids all made their own board games a few weeks ago.
Not sure where they got the idea from but it kept them busy for hours!
And of course, we all sat down to play each of them.

And because this is random..   I’m a including a few recent photos of
my two little dudes.   🙂

Dave + Meg // 2012 Fall wedding

Dave and Meg were married at the beautiful
historic St. Ignatius church in front of their closest friends and
family.  Meg was such a cute bride – nervous with anticipation
but also always looking out for her guests.

Their little bridesmaid stole my heart 😉
My second shooter Claire captured this photo of the little bridesemaid
during the ceremony.   She spent majority of the ceremony wandering
around in that area 🙂

The happy Mr. and Mrs.
Dave and Meg had bubbles during their first dance!   They were so fun and
I loved how they photographed.

Thanks Dave and Meg!   I wish you both a lifetime of laughter and happiness 🙂

My new studio space!

There is an exclamation because I can’t contain my excitement!

I have wanted to have a space to meet with clients for over a year and wasn’t sure
how that was going to happen.  Previously I have had clients to my home which worked
out but wasn’t the most convenient.  It’s important to me to meet face to face with
my clients.   I strive to be hands on and helpful so whether it was meeting in my home, in a coffee shop
or somewhere else, meeting up will happen.

I’ve kind of been on the lookout for a space the past year and I was in the Jutila Center in Hancock
a few times and was curious if it would work for me.   I met with them and discussed options.   That
was a month ago..  lol..   I now have the keys and a signed lease.  I don’t waste time 😉

So here it is….   A blank slate.   It’s small and cozy, but it’s bright and all mine and
convienent and easy for my clients to find me and meet with me.

My inspiration board:   I’ll be painting it a soft grey – hopefully within the week.   I hope for it to be comfortable and
inviting space for my clients and myself 🙂

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress….

Paul + Dana // Fall Presque Isle elopement

Paul and Dana’s wedding was one of the neatest weddings to experience.
This adorable couple from Texas visited Dana’s grandparents in Marquette for an elopement!
Dana’s grandparents have never been able to see a grandchild get married so Dana gave
them that honor of witnessing her marriage to Paul.

They were married on the coldest, rainiest day in September on Presque Isle.
You would never guess from their expressions and their laughter
that the weather was so bad.  Their love and excitement for
each other was so evident.   Watching them interact together was so cute.

Witnessing their marriage truly was something special 🙂

This is what love looks like

hahah… hows that for a cheesy title 😉
I was playing around with my macro lens last night using our 10 year old wedding bands and
kind of laughing at how dinged up and scratched up and dirty they were.   Obviously, the bands I photograph at weddings are
brand spankin new.    But then it kind of hit me that that was a GOOD thing!
I hope all of my couples eventually have dinged up, scratched up, worn out rings 😉

Wedding bands

Bret + Michelle // engaged

I met Bret and Michelle for the first time this weekend.   We met up to discuss the wedding timeline and take some engagment
photos.   It was a fun time spent getting to know them and some of their family.  🙂

Bret and Michelle met a few years back while both attending Michigan Tech.   Bret was 2 years ahead of Michelle
so they only spent 6 months together on campus.   Both were part of the Pep Band so music is
an important part of their lives.   Their wedding will take place right where it all
started for them – on Tech campus.

Lucky for them, they now live in a sunny part of the country.   The day of their session was a snowy/rainy day so we made
the best of it by finding some covered areas to shoot in.   We braved the weather for a few shots also.

Thanks Bret and Michelle!   I’m looking forward to spending more time with both
of you on your wedding day!   🙂