My Boys

I so seldom get photos of
my kiddos.   Mostly because they are not
fans of the camera.   I think I ruined them in my
days of practicing non stop.
They were both dressed somewhat
decent this day so I grabbed them for 5 minutes
each in the front yard.   (You can see a pull back at the end of this post)

The baby was being ornary and wouldn’t
let his brother touch him…. very typical of that boy 😉

Here’s a pull back of the tiny little space
we used.   You don’t need much space for
a nice portrait… just some really
gorgeous light 🙂

Troy + Andrea { Keweenaw Mountain Lodge }

Troy and Andrea had a gorgeous wedding celebration
on Saturday in the Calumet and Copper Harbor areas.  This was another
“destination wedding” with a lot of family and friends traveling
to celebrate with them.

The forecast of the day was not looking good.   We were
expecting rain, chilly temps and gloomy weather but somehow
we managed to escape most of that and even saw the sun here and there
throughout the day.  It was a fun day full of laughs, gorgeous people and pretty colors 🙂

How fun are Andrea’s Betsey Johnson heels?! Continue reading “Troy + Andrea { Keweenaw Mountain Lodge }”

Meet our fur baby Felix

Last week we did something I said we would never do.   We got a puppy!
A cute one at that 🙂

Felix is a Bichon / Shih Tzu mix.   A zuchon… a Shichon, a Teddy Bear dog…   Apparently they go
by many different names.
The kids are thrilled and Matt and I
are overwhelmed 😉   I forgot how much time and attention goes
into a puppy!   But it wont last forever and so far he really has
been a nice little guy.

We drove to Wausau last week to get him.  He is just 9 weeks old.  He seemed
to adjust to our family so quickly!

Bath time!   Not his favorite but he’s getting use to it.
Someone is smitten 😉Head tilts are my favorite!!   How cute is that!!??

Jeff + Lydia { Finnish American Heritage Center }

Jeff and Lydia’s wedding was on one of the hottest
days this summer but the heat didn’t put a damper on their day at all.  They were
one of the sweetest couples I have had the privilege of photographing.  It was a wonderful
wedding day with the ceremony taking place at Evangel Baptist in Houghton.

Lydia’s gown was absolutely gorgeous!

I love that they went with amethyst in the engagement ring.   Lydia’s favorite color is
purple so it is very fitting 🙂And you all know how much I love etchings inside the rings 🙂   Jeff and Lydia
chose their favorite bible verses as their etchings.  How many engineers does it take to tie a tie…??? lol  😉 Continue reading “Jeff + Lydia { Finnish American Heritage Center }”