Aaron + Kaitlin // engaged

Sometimes sessions just fall together
in ways you couldn’t plan out if you tried.   This session was
kind of like that.   We took advantage of a family camping weekend
to grab some quick photos of my sister Kaitlin and her fiance Aaron.  We almost didn’t
even do the session because Kaitlin was exhausted (remember we were camping!) and not feeling
up to it.  I remembered this beach from a recent Munising wedding
so we took a drive and decided to just see what we could come up with.
A beautiful hazy cloud
cover was out which made for the prettiest softest light.  I think this
session lasted all of 20 minutes but I love it!   It shows two people
who love each other and make each laugh and the scenery isn’t bad too!

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Tyler & Lindsey // Copper Harbor wedding

Tyler and Lindsey had the most fabulous
rustic destination wedding in Copper Harbor.  Their day started
out foggy, dreary and misty.  The couple and their guest stayed at the
Keweenaw Mountain Lodge where the reception was held.   Tyler and
Lindsey opted for an outdoor ceremony at the Eagle Harbor Life Saving Station.

I’ve been blessed with many beautiful
outdoor ceremonies this year and this one was no exception.
The skies cleared just as the ceremony began!

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Patrick & Katie // Munising outdoor wedding

Patrick and Katie were married on the most
beautiful day on the water in Munising.   I was so excited when
I arrived at the Beach Inn Motel and saw their
ceremony and reception site.  Reserving the motel was
ideal for them as majority of their guests traveled to be at their
upper peninsula destination wedding 🙂

The site was decorated so beautifully and the
tented reception was awesome!

emilydennisphotography_1748emilydennisphotography_1752emilydennisphotography_1753emilydennisphotography_1749emilydennisphotography_1750emilydennisphotography_1751Loved Katie’s wildflower bouquet which
included part of her grandmother’s dress.emilydennisphotography_1754emilydennisphotography_1758emilydennisphotography_1757emilydennisphotography_1759emilydennisphotography_1755emilydennisphotography_1761emilydennisphotography_1762emilydennisphotography_1765emilydennisphotography_1763emilydennisphotography_1764emilydennisphotography_1766emilydennisphotography_1767emilydennisphotography_1771emilydennisphotography_1772emilydennisphotography_1778emilydennisphotography_1773emilydennisphotography_1774emilydennisphotography_1768emilydennisphotography_1777Such a great group of gorgeous girls!  Loved their dresses 🙂emilydennisphotography_1770emilydennisphotography_1779emilydennisphotography_1769emilydennisphotography_1780emilydennisphotography_1781A tented outdoor reception makes for
one happy photographer!  How relaxing for their guests too!emilydennisphotography_1782emilydennisphotography_1756emilydennisphotography_1783emilydennisphotography_1784emilydennisphotography_1785Patrick and Katie opted for pie instead of the traditional wedding
cake.   It was very fitting with their day.emilydennisphotography_1786emilydennisphotography_1787emilydennisphotography_1775emilydennisphotography_1776emilydennisphotography_1788emilydennisphotography_1789emilydennisphotography_1790emilydennisphotography_1791emilydennisphotography_1792emilydennisphotography_1794emilydennisphotography_1795emilydennisphotography_1796emilydennisphotography_1797emilydennisphotography_1798emilydennisphotography_1799emilydennisphotography_1800emilydennisphotography_1801emilydennisphotography_1802emilydennisphotography_1803emilydennisphotography_1804emilydennisphotography_1805emilydennisphotography_1806emilydennisphotography_1807emilydennisphotography_1808emilydennisphotography_1810emilydennisphotography_1809
Photographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Assistant:   Rylie Store
Ceremony & Reception:  Beach Inn Motel, Munising, MI
Tent, tables, chairs, linens:   Double Trouble DJs
Flowers:   Munising Flower Shop
DJ:   Double Trouble DJs