50mm Randomness

I walked around with the camera today and took a couple hundred shots.  Here is some of the randomness.

Setting the exposure on this girl so i could hand the camera off to her.  She wanted a turn.

She directed me in front of the tree.  Need to teach her a little more about focus 😉

There she got it….

Brady drew this picture of Sponge Bob holding balloons and it was too cute to not take a picture of.

oops…messy kitchen.  Someday I’ll post clean kitchen pictures.

Not enough subjects around here 😉

Trying to work his way towards more video game time by writing his letters.  Didn’t work….

I told him to give me big eyes and he walks into the room with this:

His beloved penguin.  Not sure what we will do if we ever lose this thing.



8 Replies to “50mm Randomness”

  1. shoot i was going to say something but i forgot what that was….hahahah!!!! seriously! my brain!!

  2. oh! Brady's drawing is adorable!!! and i love your modeling skills…and i love cale's creativeness of BIG EYES:)

  3. You really haven't posted your kids for a long time – because Cale looks so different to me! He's getting so big.

    So is Brady, but he hasn't changed as much as Cale.

    ~ J

  4. P.S. I'm on the laptop and Mark's at the computer.

    Overheard… "Where's the messy kitchen?"

    ~ J

  5. well, more like cluttered kitchen… the sink is full of dishes too. 😉

    Modeling skills..lol. I can't usually pull off non smiling but this one isn't as bad.

    Cale's hair is shaggy cuz I'm lazy to cut it but now it got long enough that I might leave it for a while.

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