A 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old

I am having so much fun borrowing other peoples kids to get a little practice.  Seeing as my youngest is 3.5 I really love following these 1 year olds around.  They are so sweet and could care less about the big camera you stick in their face.  No need to try to get them to loosen up in front of the camera.
This little lady is so adorable!  Her mom warned me she may be shy and may not want anything to do with me so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But she was so sweet and didn’t mind the camera at all! 
This was one of my first shots of the morning testing the light and giving her some space.  Look at those little baby curls and sparkly eyes!

I’m realizing why I’m loving shooting the 1 year old stage – their eyes are amazing!  So big and bright!

This one was quick to give me her smiles.  
Can you tell I love a close crop?  I can’t help myself…
And her big sister has beautiful eyes too!  It’s a little harder to get a 2 1/2 year old to relax for the camera.  I don’t mind though because serious and nonsmiling shots tend to be my favorite.
The smiles may not have come that easy but she didn’t have a problem with me following her around.

I had her show me her bedroom to see if we could get some real smiles.  It worked!  These pictures are her playing on her bed and being silly.  So cute!

I have a new all time favorite picture.  And this is it.  Completely unposed and completely unexpected.

These two were so cute in this chair together.  The baby was pleased as punch to be sitting there with her  big sister.

Thanks for letting me borrow these two little sweeties! 



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