A 7 year old, a turquoise sweater and flat lighting

I’ve been itching for a new set of pictures to work on so I hired this little lady last night and tried to find some cool locations.  It was cloudy and I thought by the time we got out the sun would be out but it never did make its appearance.  So the lighting is a little flat but I did what I could with what I had.

She is the perfect age to practice on because she totally finds her inner model and aims to please.  Plus she knows I don’t really need fake smiles, just eyes so it really isn’t too hard.

You can find the adorable hat here.

I realize this one doesn’t really fit in with the rest of this set but I liked how it turned out so I’m posting it anyways.  😉

Can’t resist those close ups!

Since the sun never did come out I brought her down to the water.  I figured the water would bounce the light around a little more.  It definitely worked better.  If you click this it gets bigger and you can see my reflection in her eyes.

You can see my reflection in her eyes in this one too.  I’m standing over her.  🙂

And apparently this girl has green eyes!  I’ve been going nuts thinking my white balance was all wonky because lately her eyes are coming out more green in my pictures than blue but it turns out in certain lighting they are actually green!



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