A Just because photo shoot

It’s been a busy season so I’ve had very little time to shoot just for fun.
But I think it’s so important to do just for fun
sessions because it pushes me creatively and gives me a
chance to try things without the pressure of screwing it up 😉

I asked my lovely sister Molly and her
boyfriend if I could photograph them for a quick session.
And I’m sure you recognize my alley by now 😉
The light is always beautiful so it works every time.

I’ve basically retired my 50mm lens but felt like
I was really missing out when photographing a couple
without it.  Majority of these are taken with that lens and
it’s safe to say it will get plenty of use from now on for my couples.

I wanted Molly’s dress to be more bride-like so I dug
up an old bridesmaid dress from the closet for her to wear 😉




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