A new obsession… otherwise known as my first quilt

I’ve heard someone describe themselves recently as having an addictive personality.  That fits me to a T.  I’ve had many obsessions come and go in my life over the years.  I just may have found a new one  😉

I’ve always thought quilting seemed fun.   But I always figured it was tedious and took forever and would be frustrating.  I don’t have any sewing skills.  I’ve had a sewing machine for years and years but have rarely used it.  As you know, I’ve been hooked on Pinterest lately.   Mostly I look for ideas to organize or work on my home.   I stumbled across the blog of a quilter who has the most gorgeous home and her quilts inspired me to give it a whirl.

I’m loving all the fun happy bright quilts on Pinterest.  I adore navy’s right now so my color scheme revolved around including navy.  I found an inspiration quilt and then just made up the squares using strips.  I always figured quilting took forever so I was surprised by how quickly a quilt can come together.   This is snuggle quilt so it’s a bit smaller than a twin.  I gave this one to Kir and now I’ve got two boys waiting for theirs.  Hoping I don’t lose interest before I finish them 😉

I machine quilted using a zig zag stitch.   I just played around with the settings until I liked what I saw. 


Not gonna lie… I was pretty impressed with myself on this one!   Don’t inspect the stitching too closely though… 😉





7 Replies to “A new obsession… otherwise known as my first quilt”

  1. That is super impressive!! And per Kendall – ‘she made it cuter than ours. I like hers.’ Hmmph!

  2. It’s so pretty!!! Love the pattern that you used! Maybe this is what I should do with my piles and piles..and piles of scrap fabric? Been trying to figure out how to use them up….

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