A spring teen session

The lilacs are in full bloom around here so I couldn’t resist getting out and shooting!   It has been forever since I took this daughter of mine out for pics.   Like forever.   I came across this adorable outfit from Target a while back and bought it with plans to finally get this girl out for a spring shoot.

It was fun, we did her hair, dabbed on a little make up, dressed her up and took her out.  I had visions of gorgeous back lit evening photos but unfortunately as soon as we left the house it clouded up and actually got pretty dark.   That means we will need to try again when the sun is shining.

This girl is fun to photograph because she takes direction well and isn’t afraid to be completely silly.   She really is a goofball and I love that about her.

emilydennisphotography_2123________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2128________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2127________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2124________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2125________P I NSite ImageI think this is one of my favorites.    I love her profile 🙂emilydennisphotography_2126________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2129________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2130________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2131________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2132________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2143________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2134________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2135________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2144________P I NSite ImageI recently made this quilt out of vintage sheets.    It makes for the perfect photo prop!emilydennisphotography_2136________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2137________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2138________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2139________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2140________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_2141________P I NSite Image



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