Allison & Senior Sessions

I’m hoping to take on some senior sessions this summer so I did a practice shoot with Allison.  (Details on the senior sessions will come soon.)

I love getting out there and doing these shoots.  I am constantly looking forward to doing the next one.  I was so excited that Allison was willing to let me practice with her since I love working with this age group.  We spent about an hour and a half and found 3 cool locations all right next to each other.

I had a hard time narrowing down favorites because I’m pretty sure this girl doesn’t take a bad picture.  🙂

Practicing back lighting every chance I get.  Love how the light shines off her dark hair.  The light this evening was just beautiful!!

Thanks Allison!



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  1. I Love these!.. I will be looking foward to hearing about senior session info!


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