Matt & Laura // Twin Lakes wedding

Matt and Laura’s wedding day was on the most
beautiful sunny and warm day.  And it was the 4th of July!
Laura’s family has spent the 4th holiday on Twin Lakes for many
many years so it was fitting to turn this one into a wedding
celebration as well!

emilydennisphotography_1582emilydennisphotography_1581Laura and her girls got ready at her parents house on the water.   It made
for a very relaxed setting.emilydennisphotography_1583emilydennisphotography_1584emilydennisphotography_1586emilydennisphotography_1587emilydennisphotography_1588emilydennisphotography_1589emilydennisphotography_1590emilydennisphotography_1591emilydennisphotography_1592emilydennisphotography_1593emilydennisphotography_1594emilydennisphotography_1595emilydennisphotography_1596emilydennisphotography_1597emilydennisphotography_1598emilydennisphotography_1600emilydennisphotography_1601emilydennisphotography_1602emilydennisphotography_1603emilydennisphotography_1604emilydennisphotography_1605emilydennisphotography_1606emilydennisphotography_1607emilydennisphotography_1608emilydennisphotography_1609emilydennisphotography_1610This family is great!   Laura’s dad showed up with a too
small bow tie to get a reaction out of his future son in law:)emilydennisphotography_1611emilydennisphotography_1612emilydennisphotography_1613Matt brought the southern tradition of
burying a jar of whiskey to the U.P.  He had to find it
using this here “booze detector”.   (It was buried with a chunk of copper)emilydennisphotography_1614emilydennisphotography_1615emilydennisphotography_1616emilydennisphotography_1617emilydennisphotography_1618emilydennisphotography_1619emilydennisphotography_1620emilydennisphotography_1637emilydennisphotography_1638emilydennisphotography_1621emilydennisphotography_1622emilydennisphotography_1623emilydennisphotography_1624emilydennisphotography_1625emilydennisphotography_1640emilydennisphotography_1626emilydennisphotography_1627emilydennisphotography_1628emilydennisphotography_1629emilydennisphotography_1631emilydennisphotography_1632emilydennisphotography_1636emilydennisphotography_1633Burgess306-3Burgess307-3emilydennisphotography_1639emilydennisphotography_1641emilydennisphotography_1643emilydennisphotography_1644emilydennisphotography_1645emilydennisphotography_1646emilydennisphotography_1647emilydennisphotography_1648emilydennisphotography_1649emilydennisphotography_1650emilydennisphotography_1651emilydennisphotography_1652emilydennisphotography_1653emilydennisphotography_1654emilydennisphotography_1655The mosquitoes were out in full force!emilydennisphotography_1656Love a good photo bomb;)emilydennisphotography_1657emilydennisphotography_1658emilydennisphotography_1659emilydennisphotography_1660emilydennisphotography_1662emilydennisphotography_1663Also love a spontaneous couple who will
bust out some dance moves on the side of the highway:)emilydennisphotography_1664Matt and Laura’s reception was held
at the Parkview Lodge in Twin Lakes.  I don’t think
they regularly hold receptions but they should!   It was the
perfect setting for a smaller intimate wedding.  emilydennisphotography_1665emilydennisphotography_1668emilydennisphotography_1666emilydennisphotography_1667emilydennisphotography_1679emilydennisphotography_1669emilydennisphotography_1670emilydennisphotography_1671emilydennisphotography_1672emilydennisphotography_1673emilydennisphotography_1674emilydennisphotography_1675emilydennisphotography_1676emilydennisphotography_1677emilydennisphotography_1678emilydennisphotography_1680emilydennisphotography_1681emilydennisphotography_1682emilydennisphotography_1683emilydennisphotography_1684emilydennisphotography_1685emilydennisphotography_1686emilydennisphotography_1687emilydennisphotography_1688emilydennisphotography_1689We finished off the evening with fireworks and sparkler fun:)emilydennisphotography_1690Burgess838emilydennisphotography_1691emilydennisphotography_1692Burgess842

Photographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Ceremony venue:   Painesdale United Methodist Church
Reception Venue:   Parkview Lodge, Twin Lakes
Florist:   Copper Country Flowers
DJ:   Mitch Lake

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July 21, 2014 - 3:05 pm

Christy Kirkley - the love shot is amazing!

July 21, 2014 - 10:27 pm

Heidi Lassila - I got a chuckle out of the groom with the veil on his head. It looked like a fun wedding party.
I feel like your photographic eye is changing. I like it.

Nathan & Hilary {Houghton Memorial Union Ballroom wedding

Nathan and Hilary’s wedding day was forecasting
rain and clouds.  We prepared for the worst but thankfully the rain
held off enough at the times we needed it to and their day was lovely:)

Witnessing the love between Nathan and Hilary made
for such a special day.   Here’s a little peak at the events of the day.

emilydennisphotography_1541emilydennisphotography_1542emilydennisphotography_1543emilydennisphotography_1544emilydennisphotography_1545emilydennisphotography_1546emilydennisphotography_1547I was smitten with the two little flower
girls the entire day. emilydennisphotography_1548emilydennisphotography_1549emilydennisphotography_1550emilydennisphotography_1551emilydennisphotography_1552emilydennisphotography_1553Hilary made for the most stunning bride!
Her wedding dress was gorgeous!emilydennisphotography_1554Look at the smiles as Hilary’s dad
hands her off to her husband:)emilydennisphotography_1555emilydennisphotography_1556emilydennisphotography_1557Kindt-359-2Kindt-391-2emilydennisphotography_1560emilydennisphotography_1561emilydennisphotography_1562emilydennisphotography_1563emilydennisphotography_1564emilydennisphotography_1565emilydennisphotography_1566emilydennisphotography_1567Love how totally random this photo is..lolemilydennisphotography_1568emilydennisphotography_1569emilydennisphotography_1570emilydennisphotography_1571emilydennisphotography_1572emilydennisphotography_1573emilydennisphotography_1574emilydennisphotography_1575emilydennisphotography_1576emilydennisphotography_1577emilydennisphotography_1578emilydennisphotography_1579emilydennisphotography_1580
Photographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Second Photographer:   Natalie Carolyn Photography
Ceremony Venue:   L’Anse United Methodist Church, L’Anse, MI
Reception Venue:   Michigan Tech Memorial Union Ballroom, Houghton, MI
Cake Artist:   Roy’s Pasties and Baker, Houghton, MI
Florist:   The Flower Shop, Hancock, MI

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July 14, 2014 - 7:06 pm

Natalie Larson - Love these Emily! so fun to see the whole day all over again! :)

July 14, 2014 - 10:47 pm

Laura Cadeau - Beautiful,beautiful pictures! It is wonderful to be able to see that day again.

July 15, 2014 - 12:44 am

Hilary Kindt - Nathan and I absolutely love the photos and will treasure them forever!! :) Thanks so much to you and Natalie for capturing our day with such beautiful photos! :)

July 15, 2014 - 1:07 am

Lisa Pischner Kindt - Perfect wedding pictures of a couple we hold very dear to our hearts. Thank you Emily and Natalie for the memories!

July 15, 2014 - 3:46 am

Rachelle Gay Hudson - I was there and these pictures are so amazing they paint the day all over again. Love them!!! Huge congrats to Hilary and Nate!

July 15, 2014 - 11:20 am

Linda Kindt - Absolutely beautiful pictures

July 15, 2014 - 1:26 pm

Becky Tyner- Ellsworth - Beautiful!

July 16, 2014 - 3:23 am

Karen Kindt Cordes - I love every single one of these photos! What a perfect wedding day it was!

July 16, 2014 - 6:21 am

Kori Werth - So breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

July 16, 2014 - 6:22 am

Kori Werth - Positively beautiful!!!

Sydney // 2015 senior session

We decided to take a family road trip before
my busy season started up.  So the last couple of weeks found us traveling on the
west coast.   I’m now home playing catch up for the 16 days I was gone and
have yet to even take my vacay photos off of the cards:(

I’ve been anxious to find a few minutes
to share this session with Sydney!   Sydney is one of my 2015 seniors
and agreed to do a shoot with me early this summer so I could have some fresh
photos to use for this years marketing materials.

We started out in my studio in Hancock where Sydney
had her make-up done professionally.  I’m most excited about
this option for my 2015 seniors!   It’s an easy add-on and I hope all of my senior girls
consider it :)  Sydney was the perfect model as she was
up for anything and totally rocked this session!


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July 8, 2014 - 4:10 pm

Kristine Kokko - Beautiful, how does one choose!!

July 9, 2014 - 1:17 am

Joan Bugni - Gorgeous pictures.

July 9, 2014 - 2:34 am

Natalie Larson - gorgeous photos as always Emily! :)

Gregg & Stephanie / Presque Isle, Marquette wedding

Gregg and Stephanie had one of the most perfect days
you could ever ask for for their wedding day.   They planned an outdoor
Presque Isle wedding many months back and were blessed with
sunshine and warm temps.   And ice in the lake!

Stephanie and her girls got ready in a suite at the beautiful new Hampton
Inn overlooking Lake Superior.

emilydennisphotography_1478emilydennisphotography_1519emilydennisphotography_1480emilydennisphotography_1481emilydennisphotography_1515emilydennisphotography_1482emilydennisphotography_1483emilydennisphotography_1484emilydennisphotography_1485emilydennisphotography_1486emilydennisphotography_1487emilydennisphotography_1489emilydennisphotography_1492emilydennisphotography_1493Gregg and Stephanie opted to see each other before their ceremony.
It made for a very relaxing day and
allowed for all of the portraits to be done before the ceremony.

emilydennisphotography_1494emilydennisphotography_1490emilydennisphotography_1491emilydennisphotography_1495emilydennisphotography_1496emilydennisphotography_1497emilydennisphotography_1498emilydennisphotography_1499emilydennisphotography_1500emilydennisphotography_1502emilydennisphotography_1503The outdoor ceremony was on Presque Isle overlooking
an ice filled Lake Superior.


Photographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Second photographer:   Riutta Images
Ceremony:   Presque Isle, Marquette
Reception:  Ramada, Marquette
DJ:   Taylored Weddings, Escanaba
Florist:   Lutey’s Flower Shop, Marquette
Cake Artist:   Joe’s Cakes with Landmark Inn

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May 28, 2014 - 1:05 pm

Vicky McWilliams - These are fabulous! It was such a great day, and you have captured it beautifully! Thank you for being so wonderful to work with, my daughter (the flower girl) thought you were “super nice”!

May 28, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Linda Rheinheimer - The pictures are beautiful. Wish I could have been there… I love the look of the cake! It shows that you thought of all the little details that made it special. Hope the day was everything you wanted it to be… Love you.

May 30, 2014 - 9:12 am

Michelle Knauf - These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see more! You have captured the uniqueness of the day as well as the spirit of simple love and beauty that is Stephanie and Gregg. Thank you. -Gregg’s mom

Derek + Stephanie / Hancock engagement session

Derek and Stephanie are getting married later this
summer so we took some time this past weekend for an engagement session.
They brought along their sweet one and 1/2 year old puppy who
provided plenty of entertainment;)
We started at their friends barn in the afternoon.

emilydennisphotography_1443emilydennisphotography_1444emilydennisphotography_1445emilydennisphotography_1446emilydennisphotography_1447emilydennisphotography_1449emilydennisphotography_1448emilydennisphotography_1450emilydennisphotography_1451emilydennisphotography_1452emilydennisphotography_1453emilydennisphotography_1454emilydennisphotography_1455emilydennisphotography_1456emilydennisphotography_1457emilydennisphotography_1458emilydennisphotography_1459emilydennisphotography_1460emilydennisphotography_1461emilydennisphotography_1462Can you spot the puppy?   She came over to inspect my lens leaving slobbery kisses on it;)emilydennisphotography_1463emilydennisphotography_1464emilydennisphotography_1465emilydennisphotography_1466emilydennisphotography_1467emilydennisphotography_1468emilydennisphotography_1469emilydennisphotography_1470emilydennisphotography_1473emilydennisphotography_1474emilydennisphotography_1471emilydennisphotography_1472emilydennisphotography_1475emilydennisphotography_1476emilydennisphotography_1477

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May 23, 2014 - 11:12 pm

Karen Boyer-Bustos - Really nice pics. Love steph dress

May 23, 2014 - 11:39 pm

Phil Bustos - Wow! you guys look great.

May 24, 2014 - 12:02 am

Jennene Cates Wright - Great pics…

My gear // I shoot Nikon :)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my gear.  It’s always
interesting as a photographer to see what other photographers are using but I
also think it’s important for my clients to know that
when I show up at their wedding to document their day I am
fully prepared for all situations.
As a wedding photographer back ups are a necessity.
I have had a camera fail on a job.
I’ve always had a back up camera but that incident
prompted me to get an identical second camera.   I need to know that I can
grab my second and not miss a beat.

I shoot Nikon :)   My current camera is a D700.


I have a wide variety of lenses to get through
every situation.  My most used lenses are my 85 prime
and my 70-200 zoom lens.


My 3rd camera is a Nikon D90.   It’s the back up to my back up;)
Plus it’s the only camera that actually shoots video so I use
it for that occasionally.   My airmac is my travel computer and I use
it to back up images through out the wedding day.
I have two flashes that I use for receptions.   One usually sits on my camera
and the other one is somewhere off camera.  I use pocketwizards to trigger them.

So that’s what I haul around on any given wedding day.
It’s heavy and I need a massage at the end of the day…lol.

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