Dylan and Barb had the most perfect Fall wedding recently.   You couldn’t have asked for a better October wedding.   Sunshine, peak color season and warm temps, not to mention a couple who enjoy each other made for the most fantastic day.   What a unique day too!   Dylan and Barb treated their guests to an amazing Halloween party at the Brownstone Hall for their reception!   That was a first!  Scroll on through to see the fun!
emilydennisphotography_3527________P I NSite ImageBarb made her own brooch bouquets!  emilydennisphotography_3529________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3528________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3533________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3530________P I NSite Image
And Dylan designed and helped make their wedding rings!  Dylan is an artist through and through.  He’s a talented wood carver and I’m convinced there is nothing he cannot do! emilydennisphotography_3532________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3531________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3534________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3535________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3542________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3536________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3537________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3538________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3539________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3540________P I NSite ImageBarb and Dylan met through woodworking so it is only fitting to incorporate it into their wedding.   They had a small carving part of the ceremony. emilydennisphotography_3541________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3543________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3549________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3550________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3544________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3545________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3548________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3551________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3547________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3546________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3552________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3556________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3553________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3555________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3554________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3557________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3558________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3559________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3560________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3561________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3562________P I NSite Image
After portraits everyone transformed for the reception.

emilydennisphotography_3563________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3566________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3564________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3567________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3565________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3568________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3569________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3570________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3571________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3573________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3576________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3572________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3575________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3577________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3574________P I NSite ImagePhotographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Ceremony:  Hope Fellowship, Houghton
Reception:  Brownstone Hall, Atlantic Mine, MI
Cake:  Roy’s Bakery
Makeup:  Giselle Ryan of Make up by GR

  • November 3, 2016 - 9:40 pm

    Connie - Great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • November 4, 2016 - 9:01 am

    Nancy Goodson - Emily did a great job of capturing the autumn light as well as the love Dylan and Barb have for each other! As the mother of the groom, I really appreciate the personal touches and her professional approach. At no point did we feel she was “intruding” or “managing” the wedding or reception, as some wedding photographers do. I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a photographer for their special occasion! And I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!ReplyCancel

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Terry and Courtney’s Fall wedding in the Copper Country was a beautiful one.   It was nice and familiar since I’ve photographed a family wedding of theirs previously.   The ceremony took place in Courtney’s home church in L’Anse.

emilydennisphotography_3473________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3474________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3475________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3476________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3480________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3481________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3478________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3520________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3477________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3479________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3482________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3521________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3483________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3487________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3486________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3485________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3484________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3522________P I NSite Imageemily_dennis_photography-1-2________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3489________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3490________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3491________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3494________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3493________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3492________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3500________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3499________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3498________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3497________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3496________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3495________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3501________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3502________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3525________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3526________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3523________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3503________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3504________P I NSite ImageTerry and Courtney held their reception in the MTU Memorial Union Building in Houghton.   emilydennisphotography_3506________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3505________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3507________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3509________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3508________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3510________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3511________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3512________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3513________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3514________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3515________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3516________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3518________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_3517________P I NSite ImagePhotographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Second Photographer:    Rylie Store
Ceremony:   First United Methodist Church, L’Anse, MI
Reception:   Isle Royale Ballroom in the Memorial Union Building
Flowers:   The Flower Shop, Hancock, MI
Cake Artist:  Roy’s Pasties and Bakery, Houghton, MI
DJ:  Wolftrax

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