Cale’s first photo shoot

I was trying to find some pictures of Cale to print and hang on our newly painted walls but realized I really didn’t have that many that would work.  So, we did our first shoot together.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to spend some some time alone with him too but he surprised me by asking for his brother to come along.  The brother that he fights with all day long.

He was looking forward to playing on this photo shoot and thought Mom wanted one or two pictures and was a little surprised that I expected more than that.  But he cooperated nicely and I got some shots of him that I really like.

Love how serious he looks in this one:

He started doing his own posing:

I love the challenge of back lighting and practice it any chance I get:

I have a series of these shots below that sums up how these two interact together.  I’ll save them for another day.



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  1. I just love these! He's such a cute kid. And, I agree, he's looking so big.

    ~ J

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