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Emily Dennis photography studio

The Studio Reveal

So my space is finally at a point where I can show it to you all.  It’s still a work in progress but it’s

My only willing model today. 

Brady’s 5 minute photo shoot

I was really hoping to have a wedding ready to blog this morning but it’s just quite done enough to post. 

What to blog about…

It’s been a busy week getting back into a routine (which I love by the way!) and blogging just hasn’t

Fun Times

Having a little fun with Kirsten the other day.  Standing and posing gets boring so we made it fun.  She

Emily Dennis Photography

I finally updated my blog banner and thought I would make a little announcement along with it. Although I

Trying out the lens…

I didn’t think I liked.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by the shots I got with it today. 

Take my picture

I still can’t figure out why he opens his eyes huge when he wants me to take his picture. I downloaded the


…I admit it… Someday I want to do this photography thing for real.   I LOVE it!  I was able to

I take my kids (and their friends) to the cemetery. Is that weird? I think they are so pretty and

Her baseball shiner

This picture is from about a week ago.  She got a nice shiner in baseball.  Thankfully she handled it well