A spring teen session

The lilacs are in full bloom around here so I couldn’t resist getting out and shooting!   It has been forever since I took this daughter of mine out for pics.   Like forever.   I came across this adorable outfit from Target a while back and bought it with plans to finally get this girl out for a spring shoot.

It was fun, we did her hair, dabbed on a little make up, dressed her up and took her out.  I had visions of gorgeous back lit evening photos but unfortunately as soon as we left the house it clouded up and actually got pretty dark.   That means we will need to try again when the sun is shining.

This girl is fun to photograph because she takes direction well and isn’t afraid to be completely silly.   She really is a goofball and I love that about her.

emilydennisphotography_2123emilydennisphotography_2128emilydennisphotography_2127emilydennisphotography_2124emilydennisphotography_2125I think this is one of my favorites.    I love her profile 🙂emilydennisphotography_2126emilydennisphotography_2129emilydennisphotography_2130emilydennisphotography_2131emilydennisphotography_2132emilydennisphotography_2143emilydennisphotography_2134emilydennisphotography_2135emilydennisphotography_2144I recently made this quilt out of vintage sheets.    It makes for the perfect photo prop!emilydennisphotography_2136emilydennisphotography_2137emilydennisphotography_2138emilydennisphotography_2139emilydennisphotography_2140emilydennisphotography_2141

Derek + Stephanie / Hancock engagement session

Derek and Stephanie are getting married later this
summer so we took some time this past weekend for an engagement session.
They brought along their sweet one and 1/2 year old puppy who
provided plenty of entertainment 😉
We started at their friends barn in the afternoon.

emilydennisphotography_1443emilydennisphotography_1444emilydennisphotography_1445emilydennisphotography_1446emilydennisphotography_1447emilydennisphotography_1449emilydennisphotography_1448emilydennisphotography_1450emilydennisphotography_1451emilydennisphotography_1452emilydennisphotography_1453emilydennisphotography_1454emilydennisphotography_1455emilydennisphotography_1456emilydennisphotography_1457emilydennisphotography_1458emilydennisphotography_1459emilydennisphotography_1460emilydennisphotography_1461emilydennisphotography_1462Can you spot the puppy?   She came over to inspect my lens leaving slobbery kisses on it 😉emilydennisphotography_1463emilydennisphotography_1464emilydennisphotography_1465emilydennisphotography_1466emilydennisphotography_1467emilydennisphotography_1468emilydennisphotography_1469emilydennisphotography_1470emilydennisphotography_1473emilydennisphotography_1474emilydennisphotography_1471emilydennisphotography_1472emilydennisphotography_1475emilydennisphotography_1476emilydennisphotography_1477


I have loved getting out and shooting again!   We may
not have any blooming flowers or green grass yet but at least the snow
is finally melting 😉

I’ve been itching to start shooting more
frequently again so I’ve set a personal goal to photograph
at least once a week for the month of May.  Claire was the first person
I asked to photograph.   I think she is so gorgeous and has the most
amazing eyes.  I was thrilled when she showed up with
multiple make-up options and even a plan to change up her
hair.   I love the various looks we were able
to get out of this one session.

emilydennisphotography_1369emilydennisphotography_1370emilydennisphotography_1371emilydennisphotography_1372emilydennisphotography_1373emilydennisphotography_1374emilydennisphotography_1375emilydennisphotography_1376emilydennisphotography_1377emilydennisphotography_1378emilydennisphotography_1379emilydennisphotography_1380emilydennisphotography_1381emilydennisphotography_1382emilydennisphotography_1383 copyemilydennisphotography_1384emilydennisphotography_1385emilydennisphotography_1386emilydennisphotography_1387