Meet Baby Reese

Something a little different on the blog… a newborn!

I spent some time with this little peanut a few months back.   She came prepared with lots of adorable headbands and even a tutu outfit.   It took some time but once she was out she let us pose her up.  Loving all that hair!

Newborns { Meet Isaac }

I spent some time with this sweet little guy last week.  Every newborn shoot I do solidifies to me how much I love them!   🙂

This little guy was only days old but almost 10 pounds! 

How cute do these look on the wall!!??

The trick to a walking 1 year old

Trying to get a walking one year old to stay in one spot is almost impossible.  I photographed 2 one year olds in the last couple of weeks.  It is probably one of the most difficult ages to capture.  You need a sharp fast lens and a few tricks up your sleeve.

I actually got this little guy to stand and then sit in one spot for at least 5 minutes.  Mom left the room so he couldn’t see her.  One year old’s understand what you tell them, they just don’t usually want to listen to you.  The trick with this age is to confuse the heck out of them!  Change up your voice tone constantly.  Make happy sounds, then sad sounds and just keep doing it.  They become so confused that they kind of freeze up.

I got this trick from a photographer’s online course recently and it actually worked with this dude!

The 3 week old

I was so excited to have an opportunity to do a newborn session a few days ago.  I have only done newborns a few times but I have loved every single one. 

This little lady was 3 weeks old but still sleepy enough to let us move her around a bit.  I like getting them in the 7-10 day mark because they are still really sleepy.

How adorable is she!!?

The 6 month old

I spent some time with this little sweetie last week.  I have decided that I love baby sessions!  I hope to get a chance to do more newborns and babies in the future.

This little guy had his newborn pictures taken in this tub and now 6 months later he’s grown just a bit 😉

The 9 week old and the 3 year old

I spent my morning with this cute little 3 year old and his 9 week old baby sister.  🙂  Since my blog is over due for updating I thought I would post these sneak peaks here.