My Boys

I so seldom get photos of
my kiddos.   Mostly because they are not
fans of the camera.   I think I ruined them in my
days of practicing non stop.
They were both dressed somewhat
decent this day so I grabbed them for 5 minutes
each in the front yard.   (You can see a pull back at the end of this post)

The baby was being ornary and wouldn’t
let his brother touch him…. very typical of that boy 😉

Here’s a pull back of the tiny little space
we used.   You don’t need much space for
a nice portrait… just some really
gorgeous light 🙂

Kirsten {our hippie/ summer shoot}

It was such a dreary spring so I really haven’t shot
much.. especially just for fun.  We were way overdue for a new
shoot with this girl.   She’s been braiding her hair at night and the next day
when she takes them out she has big wavy hair.  Her big hair inspired me to
finally take her out 😉

I love Kirsten’s serious face which is kind
of funny because she has such a silly personality in real life.  She is anything
but calm and collected like she appears in these serious photos.  😉

This photo is a new favorite of mine.   I had fun experimenting in Photoshop
and I love the results.  I do believe it will end up in my office as a big ole canvas…

Love this one in black and white too!
And the silliness really came out at the end of our shoot 😉

A Fall Family Session

Today I’m posting this cute little (expanding) family.  This is my sister’s family.  We did some Christmas card photos in the late fall on their property.

I don’t do a ton of family sessions because seniors fill up my schedule so much but I always make exceptions, especially for family 🙂    I’m actually hoping to make room for more family sessions in May and June this year before the senior season really kicks off.

That baby is due any day now so that means newborn photos coming soon….. yay!

The 5 minute shoot with this girl

After such a whirlwind season I put my camera down for a while and enjoyed a refreshing break.  I’m not sure if that’s normal or not… but it’s what I did.   But the urge to shoot has been creeping back up and I’ve been having fun shooting for fun lately.  Personal projects are so important to keep the creative juices flowing.

It’s been a while since this girl has been in front of the camera.  She was such a great sport and helped put together a wintery outfit to freeze it out for 5 minutes.

Blessed with her daddy’s eye lashes 🙂

My 3 lovies

I really should make blogging a New Year’s resolution 😉   I thought when these 3 kiddos went off to school leaving me all alone I would have so much time to do all the things I had planned.  So far my list of accomplishments since they went off to school almost 4 months ago is not very impressive…lol..   Makes me wonder how I managed anything with them home…

This is the last time I took these kiddos out for a photo shoot.   It was back in October.  I would gladly photograph anyone’s kids before my own.  It is not an easy task!   But we managed and I ended up with a few I could work with.   This first one will most likely end up as a big ole’ canvas or framed print.

awww..see… they do love each other!    Despite how much they love to tease and fight with each other….







We call this one Mr. Smiley.  🙂   He wears that big smile a lot 🙂  🙂   🙂



Silly kids….

These photos make me smile.   Love these kids 🙂

Jean { a teen photoshoot }

And yet another family member is featured on
the blog today 😉   This is my baby sister Jean.  She is 13.
I remember the day she was born…
seemed like just

We actually had good intentions of doing a longer
photo session but we kind of ran out of time.   I grabbed her for literally
5 minutes in my backyard and
got these quick photos.  I really love photographing
this age.  It’s a lot of fun to
photograph teenagers.  🙂

Teen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyard

Teen portrait photo sessionTeen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyardTeen portrait session in backyard