Derek + Stephanie / Hancock engagement session

Derek and Stephanie are getting married later this
summer so we took some time this past weekend for an engagement session.
They brought along their sweet one and 1/2 year old puppy who
provided plenty of entertainment 😉
We started at their friends barn in the afternoon.

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Jason + Lucy { engaged }

Jason and Lucy were very recently engaged.   Jason lives out of state and will most likely not be back in the area before their summer wedding so we took advantage of a gorgeous weekend to document their love.   I loved this session for so many reasons.   First off it was WARM!   I haven’t shot in warm weather since last fall.   Second, they were so completely natural I almost felt like a fly on the wall at   That is exactly what I love from my couples – for them to just BE together and I just happen to be there to capture it 😉

I played around with video on my DLSR for the first time during this session so hopefully I have enough non-shaky clips to share soon.  🙂

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Bret + Michelle // engaged

I met Bret and Michelle for the first time this weekend.   We met up to discuss the wedding timeline and take some engagment
photos.   It was a fun time spent getting to know them and some of their family.  🙂

Bret and Michelle met a few years back while both attending Michigan Tech.   Bret was 2 years ahead of Michelle
so they only spent 6 months together on campus.   Both were part of the Pep Band so music is
an important part of their lives.   Their wedding will take place right where it all
started for them – on Tech campus.

Lucky for them, they now live in a sunny part of the country.   The day of their session was a snowy/rainy day so we made
the best of it by finding some covered areas to shoot in.   We braved the weather for a few shots also.

Thanks Bret and Michelle!   I’m looking forward to spending more time with both
of you on your wedding day!   🙂

A Just because photo shoot

It’s been a busy season so I’ve had very little time to shoot just for fun.
But I think it’s so important to do just for fun
sessions because it pushes me creatively and gives me a
chance to try things without the pressure of screwing it up 😉

I asked my lovely sister Molly and her
boyfriend if I could photograph them for a quick session.
And I’m sure you recognize my alley by now 😉
The light is always beautiful so it works every time.

I’ve basically retired my 50mm lens but felt like
I was really missing out when photographing a couple
without it.  Majority of these are taken with that lens and
it’s safe to say it will get plenty of use from now on for my couples.

I wanted Molly’s dress to be more bride-like so I dug
up an old bridesmaid dress from the closet for her to wear 😉

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