My gear // I shoot Nikon :)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my gear.  It’s always
interesting as a photographer to see what other photographers are using but I
also think it’s important for my clients to know that
when I show up at their wedding to document their day I am
fully prepared for all situations.
As a wedding photographer back ups are a necessity.
I have had a camera fail on a job.
I’ve always had a back up camera but that incident
prompted me to get an identical second camera.   I need to know that I can
grab my second and not miss a beat.

I shoot Nikon 🙂   My current camera is a D700.


I have a wide variety of lenses to get through
every situation.  My most used lenses are my 85 prime
and my 70-200 zoom lens.


My 3rd camera is a Nikon D90.   It’s the back up to my back up 😉
Plus it’s the only camera that actually shoots video so I use
it for that occasionally.   My airmac is my travel computer and I use
it to back up images through out the wedding day.
I have two flashes that I use for receptions.   One usually sits on my camera
and the other one is somewhere off camera.  I use pocketwizards to trigger them.

So that’s what I haul around on any given wedding day.
It’s heavy and I need a massage at the end of the day…lol.

This is what love looks like

hahah… hows that for a cheesy title 😉
I was playing around with my macro lens last night using our 10 year old wedding bands and
kind of laughing at how dinged up and scratched up and dirty they were.   Obviously, the bands I photograph at weddings are
brand spankin new.    But then it kind of hit me that that was a GOOD thing!
I hope all of my couples eventually have dinged up, scratched up, worn out rings 😉

Wedding bands

Meet Emma { 2013 Houghton Senior }

Emma’s portrait session was on a beautiful but COLD fall evening.  But she toughed out the cold for some gorgeous portraits.  I usually love when there is a little bit of wind to work with but this season the wind has not been good to me 😉   Emma’s session was an exception.   Lots of gentle breezes to put a little movement through her hair.  Love that!

Thanks Emma!   You were so fun to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you 🙂


I received a new toy piece of equipment yesterday that I’ve been having fun playing around with.  I’ve been wishing I had a macro lens for a while and the time was right to get one now.   I have some newborn sessions coming up and am excited to get some beautiful close ups of teeny little baby goodness with this lens.

So I played around with my 10 year old scratched up and dirty ring 😉    So my sweet hubs etched in a little phrase for me (It says “forever loving you “).  He also etched in our anniversary which is a   I can’t tell you how many times I have to look inside my ring to see what date I was married.   I confuse the day because my sister was married June 2nd and we were married June 1st and for whatever reason I can never remember which day is mine.   (yeah, my memory is scary bad).

Can you see the flaw in my diamond?   I actually love it because it makes it unique and when I need to send it in for maintenance I always know I’m getting my diamond back.   I love my ring.  Matt painted a house one summer to pay for it so he worked hard for it and that’s special to me.

Who doesn’t love life size lego!?   I’m sure my boys will get a kick out of this. 😉

A new look

I kind of decided suddenly to switch over to wordpress from blogger.  If you have used both of these blog hosts, you know just how different they are!   And by different I mean difficult… wordpress, that is.

So I am quite proud of myself for tackling the beast and getting it up and running and looking how I told it to 🙂  Of course, I may have sat at my computer for 2 days straight googling and figuring it out. 😉

I did not like my main website because I couldn’t customize it enough so this was a solution to that.   A completely customizable blog and website and the best part is that they are both combined into one!

So welcome to my new home on the web!