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Before & Afters

Before and Afters are always fun to see and to do. 🙂   And since I’m well overdue to blog, here it

Before & Afters

I love seeing before and afters.  It’s fun to see what others do with their pictures and it’s fun to

Kaitlin (my other pretend senior) Part 1

I took Kaitlin out yesterday afternoon to take my new camera for a spin.  It was a bit windy and mid afternoon but

My little dude

stood still long enough for me to take a few shots the other day.  These are pretty much straight out of the

Figuring out lightroom

Love it when another piece of the Lightroom puzzle comes together.  I wasn’t liking how my Raw files were

More Molly with a vintage vibe

I was playing around with some new presets I downloaded for Lightroom.  Gave these a bit of a vintage vibe. 

I like Lightroom

and I think I’ll like it even more the more I learn it.  Couldn’t resist the beautiful light in my