Before & Afters

Before and Afters are always fun to see and to do. 🙂   And since I’m well overdue to blog, here it is.

I do a lot of my cropping and angles in post processing.  Not sure why, I just do.

I got my professional camera the day before this shoot.  This was my first time out playing with it.  The original is terribly underexposed.  I would like my backlit shots to be somewhat underexposed so I don’t lose that detail in the bright hightlights but this one seems a bit much.  But Lightroom and Photoshop to the rescue!   It’s amazing what shooting RAW is capable of.

Just a simple brighten and color correct.  I added a little bit of cross processing to manipulate the tones.

Just a simple color correct and skin softening and a little dodging (lightening) and burning (darkening).

The nice thing about shooting your sisters is I get to post before and afters of them 😉

Before & Afters

I love seeing before and afters.  It’s fun to see what others do with their pictures and it’s fun to see what they capture out of the camera. 

I enjoy editing.  I love having a new set to work on and since I don’t have any to work on right now I pulled up some new ones of Molly. 

The more I learn Lightroom the more I love it and the less I depend on Photoshop.  The first two are Lightroom only edits.  The last two had a little additional editing in Photoshop.  I tend to prefer Photoshop for hazy or backlit photos. 

The left is straight out of the camera.  It’s pretty hazy because the sun was really bright.   You can prevent some of this haze by putting your lens in the shade.  I think I was only blocking it with my hand and lens hood.  I actually don’t mind some haze in sunny pictures but I edited it all out by pulling up the contrast and decreasing the exposure and then just brightening where I needed it.

The left is not completely SOOC.  I brought down the exposure a bit first.  I actually blew out her white shirt.  I tend to overexpose just about everything.  Sometimes intentionally because it preserves more detail in the shadows that way.  Obviously I went too far on this one.  Just some basic fixes in Lightroom on this final. 

The left on this one is SOOC.  I should have underexposed it even a little more to prevent her hair from blowing out.  Backlit photos is one of the biggest reasons I shoot RAW.  It’s easy to pull up the exposure in the rest of the photo without losing any detail. 

Again there is a lot of haze in this backlit photo.  I should have stepped into the shade and knew I would regret it when I went to edit them.  I blocked the sun the best I could but keeping my lens in the shade would have almost completely eliminated the haze. 

So there you have it.  I tend to keep my editing pretty simple.  I like a clean, bright and colorful final.  I’ll post some more before and afters over the slow months. 


And because I can never just leave it alone, here are a few photoshopped versions.

I think I like the bottom right the best.  🙂

Photoshop Fun

I’m sure this wont be the last time I play around with this picture in photoshop. Still one of my favorites.


I’m working on getting a cleaner more subtle edit on portrait type shots but as I learn more techniques in Photoshop it’s fun to play and get some dramatic images.  Here are a few from the past week.

I love high contrast black and whites so I’m so excited to have figured this one out!