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Travel to Maui

I spent the past week in Maui, Hawaii with the family and it was a dream vacation!  We started planning this trip

A little more Hawaii to warm you all up today

I know a lot of people complain about all the “selfies” these days, but I think it’s pretty amazing

Film Flashback of Hawaii // Part 2

I came across our Hawaiian honeymoon pics today as I was looking for some things on old hard drives.  Matt and I were

Dominican Republic – The tourist post

I did not take a ton of photos on this trip (besides the wedding)..  most of them are on my iphone. I use my iphone as

Kauaii Hawaiian Honeymoon

Another blast from the past – Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

You all get another blast from the past or a continuation of our 10 year anniversary 😉 We honeymooned in Kauai, Hawaii

Seattle…. Part 7

We visited the Pacific Science Center while in Seattle. It was fun for the kids. There was a lot to see. The funny

Seattle…. Part 6

They stop you on the way up the Space Needle to get a picture.  Here’s the one from our second trip up. The

Seattle….. Part 5

I think some of the dates are off on my pictures.  I can’t remember if this is the evening or the

Seattle….. Part 4 (The one with the boring baseball pics)

These baseball photos are from our Sunday afternoon game. The Mariners played the Boston Red Socks.  The funny

Seattle….. Part 3

Back on firm ground after being jostled around for 40 hours straight. This is King Station in Seattle.  I think

Seattle…. Part 2

Here is 40 hours on the train. I didn’t take a ton of pictures (by my standards…lol)  on the train but

Seattle… finally!

I haven’t even looked through our Seattle pictures yet.  I just haven’t had the time!  So