I have loved getting out and shooting again!   We may
not have any blooming flowers or green grass yet but at least the snow
is finally melting 😉

I’ve been itching to start shooting more
frequently again so I’ve set a personal goal to photograph
at least once a week for the month of May.  Claire was the first person
I asked to photograph.   I think she is so gorgeous and has the most
amazing eyes.  I was thrilled when she showed up with
multiple make-up options and even a plan to change up her
hair.   I love the various looks we were able
to get out of this one session.

emilydennisphotography_1369________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1370________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1371________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1372________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1373________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1374________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1375________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1376________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1377________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1378________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1379________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1380________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1381________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1382________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1383 copy________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1384________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1385________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1386________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1387________P I NSite Image



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