Cloudy and Sunny

Snapped a few pictures of Cale a couple days ago on a cloudy day. I’m working on getting better exposures straight out of the camera.  These are slightly edited in Lightroom using my very first made by me preset.  Light room is confusing!  but I’m determined to learn it which means I’ll probably be comfortable in it by next week…lol.

These pictures below are straight out of the camera from today.  I was practicing metering in the blinding sun.  When I first got this camera I struggled with shots in really bright light.  I didn’t know where to meter and I was all worried about blowouts.

My philosophy now is if that’s how your eyes see it I have no problem with my pictures showing it.  For example, I’ve pretty much lost the detail in the apple but looking at it in real life you can’t see the detail because the sun is so bright on it.  Every photographer will have their own opinion on how a photo should be exposed.  Some will use a fill flash to expose the apple and the face properly.  I’d like to learn flash eventually but I also don’t have any problem with blowouts in certain parts of my pics.

I should have turned him around from the sun but he wouldn’t let me when I tried so I had to take what I could get 😉



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