Dan // Class of 2014

Dan the Man has had plenty of practice
for his senior photos.   Now here is a kid who
loves having his picture taken.   Although, he might like looking at them
more than getting them taken.

During a trip downstate this summer
we were able to take him out for his “official” senior photos.


You can’t have a photo shoot with Dan
without him going off on his own tangent of poses.
I do believe most of these came from
favorite movies of his.




14 Replies to “Dan // Class of 2014”

  1. Love these. Although maybe we should redo them. He looks so much younger here that he does now. JK about redoing them! I have to run out but will keep your site up on the computer. He’ll probably still be on it when I get home.

  2. Love all his poses! My favorite picture is where he has a big grin on his face–in color, hands on the railings, but I also really like the more serious pictures. It makes me realize how old he is.

  3. I love these! (And, I love my baby brother – miss you, Daniel John!)

    I love the one in color with the big grin and hands on railing too. And the Spider Man hands-on-grate pose. That’s awesome. And the black and white with hands above his head. (My three faves.)

    I agree, the serious ones make me realize how old he is. Crazy he’s graduating already. He was born the year I graduated.

  4. LOVE these Em! What a handsome guy! I teared up.. Miss that kid! Hard to believe he will be done with school soon!

  5. Actually, I think my favorite is the one with the big smile holding on to the railing. 🙂

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