Dan the Man

I figured I would make this guys day and put him on my blog.  I have lots of summer pictures I never posted.  The sad thing is I’m realizing I don’t have many real life pictures in August and September.  Got to be better about that….

I learned a tough lesson about photography with this kid.  I took him out on a shoot because he loves having his picture taken.  I took over 100 pictures of him all posed up and looking like his oh-so-cool self.  I didn’t take them right off of my card and accidentally formatted the card without realizing I had pictures I hadn’t taken off.  Lesson learned – always double check before you format.  Thankfully I still got quite a few shots of this guy while he was here but I’m so bummed I lost the actual photo shoot we did.

Danny, if you are reading this –  I love you and I miss you!



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