Dreaming of my Mac

I’m having mac withdrawels.  Matt let me use his mac during spring break and it was fast and it has the updated version of PSE on it.  I’m pretty sure he so willingly did that so I would get hooked on it and want it and he could get a new one.  It worked because I’m already trying to figure out how soon we can get his new one.  It takes 10 minutes just to process one picture on my old laptop.

I took a couple of the kids out to try to find some nice light and it turned out that the best light was in the car at one of our stops.

… and it took another 5 minutes to post it.



6 Replies to “Dreaming of my Mac”

  1. Hang on lady…. I am pretty sure that you claimed you would NEVER switch to a Mac when I was raving about mine several years ago!!! They are the best.

  2. I know Amy! I'm sure I did at one point and I'm sure you have encountered many like me. We hate them until we try them and realize they actually work – all..the…time.

    I forgot you were on a mac! Trust me I'm a changed lady!

  3. P.S. We want a mac so bad. The guy Mark worked with last year swears by them and after all he's said about them, we're sold.

    ~ J

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