First day of school randomness

Can’t believe the kids (and the dad) went back
to school today!   It crept up on us so fast this year!

Look how excited they are 🙂

Thought I would add some more randomness
to this blog post.   I haven’t posted my family much lately.
Enjoying the sunset in this beautiful place we live in 🙂My favorite guy and my favorite puppy 😉Good thing he’s cute!   Cuz he is trouble…Showing me her gymnastics moves.  (and helping me scout for new locations)

Catching frogs in the backyard.Making faces for mom 🙂Taking care of his pupster.oh my baby boy…  he is the cutest 🙂



3 Replies to “First day of school randomness”

  1. When you say, Good thing he’s cute! Cuz he is trouble…, which one of us are you talking about?

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