First Family Photo

It only took 9 years but we finally got a family picture.  Well technically 8 because the oldest child is 8.  Sometimes I laugh that I’ve chosen to do this photography thing when I don’t even make it a priority for my own family.  How do I convince others to do it when I don’t even do it!?

And on a side note, my baby turns 4 today.  I’m kind of having a hard time with that and when I told him he was growing too fast and it was making me sad he leaned in and gave me a kiss.  Always knows how to make me feel better. 

My talented photog friend Julie took this picture for us this summer.  Edited by me so you can blame me for any wonky colors 😉



6 Replies to “First Family Photo”

  1. Cute family! Happy Birthday Brady!
    We have yet to get our family picture taken for Christmas and I don't think we'll all be making it to you before then!

  2. Super cute picture! Happy Birthday to Brades! 🙂 I should start being a sweet aunt and take them out to get candy or mcdonalds or something.. hmm.. haha

  3. Cute picture! We've never had a family photo taken either. I keep thinking next summer/fall we'll have to change that.

    Oh man! I remembered Brady's birthday on the day but someone was on the computer when I came over here to say 'Happy Birthday'! and then I forgot later.

    ~ J

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