Jason + Lucy { engaged }

Jason and Lucy were very recently engaged.   Jason lives out of state and will most likely not be back in the area before their summer wedding so we took advantage of a gorgeous weekend to document their love.   I loved this session for so many reasons.   First off it was WARM!   I haven’t shot in warm weather since last fall.   Second, they were so completely natural I almost felt like a fly on the wall at times..lol..   That is exactly what I love from my couples – for them to just BE together and I just happen to be there to capture it 😉

I played around with video on my DLSR for the first time during this session so hopefully I have enough non-shaky clips to share soon.  🙂

Sometimes the strangest places make for the best photo locations.   We were walking back to the car when I saw how cool the light was in this area.   So we stopped and took more photos.  Both Jason and Lucy play the guitar and sing!   A perfect end to their session 🙂The lake was still frozen and while I was wishing it wasn’t, it’s part of their story.   They were engaged the winter that winter never ended 😉



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  1. Very photogenic couple! Love the pictures on the dock! Congratulations and happy planning to the couple!

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