Kirsten {our hippie/ summer shoot}

It was such a dreary spring so I really haven’t shot
much.. especially just for fun.  We were way overdue for a new
shoot with this girl.   She’s been braiding her hair at night and the next day
when she takes them out she has big wavy hair.  Her big hair inspired me to
finally take her out 😉

I love Kirsten’s serious face which is kind
of funny because she has such a silly personality in real life.  She is anything
but calm and collected like she appears in these serious photos.  😉

This photo is a new favorite of mine.   I had fun experimenting in Photoshop
and I love the results.  I do believe it will end up in my office as a big ole canvas…

Love this one in black and white too!
And the silliness really came out at the end of our shoot 😉



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