Learning Photoshop

I’ve tinkered around in Photoshop (elements) for over 6 years but never actually figured it out.  I can usually figure out new programs by playing.  Not so with PSE. 

So, I’ve decided my almost 30 year old brain needs a new challenge.  I need to learn something new.  I have been loving learning how to actually use PSE!  All those years of tinkering are paying off because it’s starting to s l o w l y make sense and come together and its been so fun for me.

The other day I learned how to convert to B&W using the gradient map method and today I learned how to add a tint to that B&W.  I used to hate editing pictures because I was so bad at it.  Now I love it and I’m working on getting better at it each and every day.

Such a lovely picture to use as an example… 😉  (I tinted this one a chocolate brown)



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  1. haha Brita, this makes me laugh because I was just catching up on your blog when your comment came through!

    We should meet up at the park when the weather warms up. 🙂

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